Is the Octatrack fader busted?

Yes, there is. Lower right corner of screen shows a b and black bar between them, indicating the position of fader.

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Thank I knew I wasn’t going crazy.

Yeah but are you sure you don’t need to lock a parameter to a scene to make that bar automate? I’m at work so I can’t confirm whether or not my bar shows up without any parameters locked to scenes. Like you don’t get any changes to parameters locked to the scenes at all? Bummer if it’s broken sorry

No need to plock parameters to scenes to see the animation, even with muted scenes.

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That was what I was talking about. Thanks for the help, so it does mean the fader is dead.

Are you sure you ran the test mode ?
Fn+Power up
Press trig 1 for TEST
Read results and move your crossfader.
You should see the 16 trig leds moving accordingly to crossfader position.

There is also a crossfader calibration in test mode.

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Sounds like Elektron will send you a new fader if it is broken (according to the thread i linked too), so that’s the good news. It must be a no solder fix.

Yeah no leds moving left or right.

Cool, I bought mine used so not sure if they can help still?

Sad. I would open OT.

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Yeah I need to ask the seller first, if Elektron won’t send me one for free how much do they cost?

I’d check before buying another one.

Thanks, seller is nice but it sucks the fader is busted. I contact Elektron in the meantime and ask them about price for the replacement fader.

Wait so you just bought it used and it came like this? Last one I bought used (I have two) came with a touchy power port. Obviously the person knew …

Mine had this too. I lifted up the metal piece in the socket and it is working properly now.

Ok I’ll look into that. It works perfect if I leave it set up and plugged in at a desk or whatever but I like to move around on floor and couch so it’s too touchy for that

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It was the case for me. Wanted to change the psu but a little flat screw driver saved my life. :slight_smile:

Yeah it came today, at the moment its been a joy mangling my audio. I hope the fader is easily replaceable. Do you guys think I should ask for a partial refund or should I cover it?

Honestly unless the deal was phenomenal I would try to return the box. For me The time, hassle, and possible funds needed to make the box function properly would have swayed me from buying it in the first place.

Well everything was described as working with only issue being yellowing of the knobs and trigs slightly and a missing rubber feet. Cost $665