Is the Analog RTYM MK2 really that bad?


So as it stands right now, I am really on the fence with purchasing this unit. The reviews are varying perspectives… Midi clock issues, BPM issues, freezes, faulty buttons, and the unit running hot… Just to name a few of the bad ones. To the flip side of all that, there are many that praise this unit like nothing is wrong with it… The sound of the unit, the sound the FX’s, the flexibility…etc. As if the bugs and faulty responses have eluded them?.. I’m so confused by this unit. Does it work? Is it something to wait on…

To answer the classic “what are you using it for question…” The answer to that question is strictly drum programming, with occasional sample pulls from various sources. Only midi I will use is the USB functionality. If there is any…

Quick question… How do you track out what you done on the RYTM to a DAW? I use Ableton as my main source for producing. I have no issues tracking out via the outputs, but is there a simpler way? I.E. via the USB port?

Anyway… I currently own a OT MK2. So that will continue to be my main sampler of choice. I’ve had everything… MPC X’s, LIVE’s… Sent them both back. The OT is quite possibly the greatest piece of equipment I’ve ever owned. If I ever have the need for external sequencing, I will just use the OT.

So honestly, I am looking for a productive drum sampler that sounds great, with some flexibility to it. I’m literally ready to pull the trigger but hesitant. So this is my plee for help… Is this unit really that bad?


Why not just get a MKI?? From what I’ve read there’s no significant difference between them other than case, buttons, screen and a sampling input?


RYTM1 owner here (which I love). One of the big improvements in the mk2 model is the increased usb bandwidth, which means you can track out all the voices simultaneously, on seperate tracks, over usb, which you can’t really do the the mk1 without a lot of cables as the bandwidth isn’t enough for 12 individual tracks.


Overheating issue was fixed in the last firmware update.


I thought about it… But I would honestly rather wait for them to get the MK2 together. @macropod mentioned the simultaneous tracking for the 12 inputs via USB, which is a valuable feature to me. It’s definitely been a thought though.


Do you own one? If so, after the update did you experience any issues?


My writing partner has one, it definitely got quite hot before the update. It doesn’t get abnormally hot anymore.


Okay, good to know. That issue was honestly the biggest point of contention for me. An almost non-starter for me. Heating issues can cause a myriad of issues.


There are some details that definitely need clarifying here for would-be buyers and forum lurkers. @macropod’s post may lead some to assumptions or false conclusions based on the current state of affairs, and therefore the record should be set straight.

#1. There is no Overbridge available yet for the MKII Rytm. There is no date set either. We’re all waiting. To say that " you can track out all the voices simultaneously, on seperate tracks, over usb" is not yet the case.

#2. It is not / will not be 12 inputs over USB. Rytm has 12 “tracks” but those are shared across 8 “voices” - and these are the audio channels sent over USB. 8 audio channels from the voices, plus 2 from the stereo FX returns = 10 audio channels. Which, again, is theoretical for the MKII Rytm since OB hasn’t yet been released for it.

#3 - Rytm MK1 is capable of 8 audio channels of audio streaming over USB currently with its available Overbridge 1.x implementation. But that is the max. You can do 6 voices plus the stereo FX returns, or 8 voices without the FX returns. But not all 10 audio channels together.
When I owned a MK1 Rytm, I just sent the stereo FX returns into my Duet 2 , and used Overbridge 1.x for the 8 voice channels.
Rytm MK1 Overbridge is forced to run at USB 1.1 due to USB audio crosstalk issues.
It is stable/solid for some, and less so for others. See the various existing threads on this board for advice on successful configurations.


And to get back to your original post @overtimechris - Have you tried using your OT MKII to sequence Ableton Drum Racks?

With a solid low latency audio interface (Clarett, Motu, etc), the combo makes a very powerful hybrid daw/hardware drum machine. It’s what I am currently using with an Ultralite MK4 and at 64 samples, my output latency is only 2ms which is far lower than Overbridge has been able to perform at.
I get Elektron hardware sequencing, and the multi-track audio is right there in Ableton. Not the same as a Rytm with Overbridge, but equally powerful and currently available to you right now. (since selling my MK1 Rytm, it is my main drum machine) , and with the added benefit of LFO designer, MIDI retrig, and per track scale/time functionality, all things only available on the Octatrack.


This was extremely HELPFUL! Thanks for all the clarifications. I’m not really interested in the RYTM MK1, so I’m actually going to wait and see what the RYTM MK2 develops into after OB is released. I can’t sink that type of money into a product at the stage it’s currently at…

Thanks a bunch for the response.


Hmmm… I will definitely explore this. No, I’ve never thought to use the OT and Ableton Drum Racks. My main interface is a UA Apollo. So, I will definitely give this a shot. I can see how that would provide more flexibility. Great idea!


Get an MKi, use it until the MKIIs are ready for you
You can get really good prices at MKIs and will lose nothing when reselling.
Thx @AdamJay for clarifiing


I suppose another question you should ask yourself is whether you would entertain a non Elektron drum machine - to my ears there are a few out there which sound much better.

As you already have an OT (with best in class sequencer and sampler), it opens up a world of possibilities… somewhat eliminating the need for the sampling bit on the AR MK2


Fair enough if you’re really keen on tracking over USB for a pragmatic point of view. Personally I found that the sound quality was a bit shit compared to tracking from the DO’s into my Apollo. I would consider trying it out first before spending that extra money if that’s the main reason.


Yes, it works, it’s good… but it’s also pretty uselessly big.


Thanks for clarifying!


If you can wait a little while, then I’d wait and let Elektron sort out a few more things before ordering one. I’m on my 2nd unit. Overall it’s been great, but there are still a few issues with it that are annoying.


+1 on this. Although i like the way it sounds and some pretty cool features (performance pads etc) it’s overkill and overpriced for my needs. U can spend way less on a good analog synth drum and trigger from the octatrack.


I sequence Abes from OT. Had not thought about sequencing drums. I am going to give that a shot. Thanks for the tip!