Is the a Global Swing Option?

Nauts - I was wondering, if there is an option to set swing for all 6 MnM tracks simultaneously like it is possible on the MD?

(I guess this should not be relevant as MnM is hooked as slave to MD master clock)?



Swing amount (strength) applies to all tracks in a pattern.

Selection of the trigs to swing is per track, unless you want the default swing timing that is applied to a fresh pattern.It’s not like the MD where you can select to swing ALL tracks. To do that would require sequencing from an external device.

See manual, pages 64-65.

MIDI clock always has even divisions between ticks, and so swing needs to be programmed into the receiving instrument.

Note also that if the MM is the clock-receiving instrument, the number of effective swing amounts for the pattern are reduced.

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Ah curses, i was hoping i could set alternate timing per track. Still need to practice with the trigs.