Is it possible to sync the four normal tracks using a MIDI clock so my DAW can control all my synths?


Or is that basically what OverBridge is supposed to be for?

OverBridge… Where art thou?

Is there a way to initiate Digitone sequencing (the play button) with a DAW?

You can send midi to each individual track since you have more than 4 midi channels available. And you can send clock as well.


Amazing! So I can essentially control all my sequences with my DAW, the 4 normal tracks and the 4 MIDI tracks?


yeah I think what you want is to press play on your DAW and send midi from your DAW to the DN’s separate tracks right?

You do this by setting up the DN to receive clock from DAW. Then you can have 4 tracks on your DAW sending midi info to each individual DN track.


If you have ableton, maybe this is interesting for you:


Is it possible to use the features such as the sequencer and such while using the DAW to send clock to the DN so it’s in sync with everything else?


yeah it is


Still trying to figure out the proper way to record my Digitone performances so I can add my other MIDI controlled sounds to the mainly-Digitone song and have everything be perfectly in sync.

I use Studio One 4 if anyone has experience using the Digitone with it.


Is it anywhere in the manual?


Yes the options you are looking are under the midi/sync options in the settings menus. It can be found in the manual starting on page 60.


I read that already. I have other keyboards and synths working MIDI-wise, but I’m still not particularly sure how to utilize the Play/Stop buttons in my DAW to Play/Stop the sequences on my DN temp-synced to my DAW.


Make sure under the midi sync menu you have recieve transport & clock selected.


I have all the settings properly assigned but I simply don’t understand how these individual settings in my DAW/DN connect together to start the sequences when I press play/record in my DAW.


Is it not working? It’s nothing special it’s just standard transport control