Is it Possible to Record MIDI from the Octatrack to Logic? [Solved]

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There is no USB MIDI, just DIN MIDI, USB is for mounting CF Card … also in manual


Ah thanks I was looking for the wrong thing in the forums: MIDI + Logic.

I even read the manual the whole way through! There’s just a lot in there :slight_smile:

I can successfully connect the OT to Logic via an Edirol UM-1SX, but for the life of me I can not get it to do what I think should be a really easy thing.

Basically what I’m trying to do is this:

Connect the OT to Logic with MIDI IN & MIDI OUT and at the same time control a Synth with the OT so I can:

  1. Record the MIDI of the sequences into LOGIC MIDI tracks

  2. Play these sequence back on Logic and have them trigger the OT so it can trigger the Synth

  3. Use the Thru on the OT to trigger the Synthesizer that’s connected to that output when the OT is playing its own sequences & when the OT is getting triggered by the sequences from Logic.

Should I technically be able to do this and I’m just not getting it right?

  1. MIDI THRU only echoes the MIDI info arriving at the MIDI IN, nothing internal is sent to that port, only MIDI out conveys OT midi data - this is the case for all midi gear

What about this solution? Use a Midi-through box, also called a Midi-splitter

  1. OT Midi-OUT --> Midi-splitter-IN
    2a) Midi-splitter-OUT1 --> computer-Midi-interface-IN --> DAW-Midi-IN
    2b) Midi-splitter-OUT2 --> other gear
  2. DAW-Midi-OUT --> computer-Midi-interface-OUT --> OT-Midi-IN

After this setup you have “only” to setup all the Midi-channels and Midi-sync parameters on OT, computer, and gear as needed, and there you go :wink:

But wouldn’t this mean that if the OT is receiving MIDI sequences from Logic then it would run this info via Thru to the synth connected to it and trigger the synth?

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Thanks! It does sound like it would be a lot easier with a MIDI splitter. I almost got this to work this way:

OT Midi-OUT --> USB Midi-IN (to Logic)
USB Midi-OUT --> Prophet 8 Midi-IN
Prophet Midi-THRU --> Yamaha TG-33 Midi-IN

In Logic I have two tracks set up:

  1. External Midi Channel 10 for the Prophet
  2. External Midi Channel 1 for TG-33

On the OT I also have two Midi tracks set up:

  1. Channel 10 for Prophet
  2. Channel 1 for TG-33

I can do these two things with this set up, I can:

A) Record the Midi sequences I compose on the OT into Logic Midi tracks
B) Run the sequences I recorded into Midi tracks in Logic from Logic and have them trigger the Prophet and TG-33


This is the main issue:

Eventhough the synths are set to receive only channel 1 and only channel 10, respectively, and eventhough the two Midi tracks in Logic and the OT are also each set to 1 and 10, when I press play on the OT both tracks/channels are triggering both synths.

Is it possible that the Midi USB interface I’m using is erroneously translating the information coming coming from the OT into Logic, and out of Logic to the synths into ALL Channels instead of 1 and 10 when it sends it out to the synths that are connected to its out?

When I keep this setup exactly the same but skip the USB interface, that is, if I send the Midi-OUT from the OT directly to the Prophet and via the Prophet THRU to the TG-33 then the right channels are triggering the right synths and all is good.

Yeah that’s all good, but your post gave the impression you may have thought you could sequence the synth by the OT too - maybe you didn’t mean that then

Oh I see, yes, right now in the setup that I have (OT Midi-OUT --> USB Midi-IN,
USB Midi-OUT --> Prophet 8 Midi-IN, Prophet Midi-THRU --> Yamaha TG-33 Midi-IN) the two synths are being triggered by the sequences that I’m programming on the OT and sending through the USB interface via Logic.

But I still have an issue that when I press play on the OT to start a sequence and it’s running through the USB interface, eventhough the two Midi tracks in Logic and the OT are each set to a different number, all different tracks trigger all the synth and ignore the assigned channel number.

that sounds like the receiving synth is in Omni mode … some synths can be set this way or can be set to receive on specific channels only (omni receives on every midi channel)

it’s also possible to do all sorts of midi wiring in logic’s environment, so it’s important to know what’s going on there

It would be interesting to have a description of the workflow(s) you want to implement. It seems to be more then only one scenario.

I see @avantronica just posted something similar to this … :wink:

If we are using an OT and a DAW in, let’s say, a parallel way, we have two potential Midi-control centers at work, which can interfere with each other and cause problems or head scratchings :wink:

The OT and most DAWs have a way of Midi-channel-routing capability. If this is activated (often due to the factory setup), then Midi-information beeing received by the control-center on a “general-listen-to” channel may be routed automatically to a dedicated channel. This may be wanted - I use this often - or not.

Example: If I make Midi-channel 10 of the OT to be the “auto channel” and have an OT midi-track active, which controls a synth on Midi-channel 16, then Midi-commands sent to the OT on channel 10 are routed to the synth on channel 16 via OT too.

The same routing capability is typical for many DAWs too. Example: My Ableton-Live is listening to “all-Midi-channels” if I create a new track. This allows to get Midi from various sources to this track, without the need to tell those sources about the dedicated receiving channel. This is convenient, but if it’s causing trouble, it can be changed.

Could it be that your issues are related to this?

There is another possibility … if you have “programmed” Midi on the Midi-tracks of your OT and/or recorded them in the DAW too, then it’s no big wonder that your synths receive Midi.Just check the play-back/mute settings of your Midi-tracks.

Depending on the MMC settings, the OT and/or your DAW create a “play” or “stop” command, send this to your Midi-network and get things started.

To get different “Midi-masters” disconnected to prevent unwanted interferences, we can make use of Midi-matrices, which allow “out-of-the-box” to control, which gear is allowed to command and which shall listen only.

I hope, this post was not too long … :wink:

This (the routing in Logic) is what @Alinka needs to understand and address.

Thank you so much everyone for your insights and patience in helping me figure this out!

As I’m sure it’s obvious: I’m pretty new to Midi, which I know is strange since for years I’ve been working with electronic instruments, but I’ve avoided Midi until now for various unimportant reasons :slight_smile:

@avantronica – The synths are not set to Omni. The Prophet is set to 10, and the Yamaha to 1. When I’m sending the Midi directly from the OT to the synths, the Prophet indeed receives only the info I’m sending on channel 10, and the Yamaha receives only the info I’m sending on channel 1. The problem occurs when I add the Logic element to the chain. Sending the OT to Logic and sending that signal to the Prophet. Then the Prophet receives the info I’m sending on all channels from the OT instead of only channel 10.
In Logic, I set up each of the external Midi tracks to their own individual channels, one sending to 10 and one sending to 1, but I suppose I’m missing another setting menu where things can be specified further.

@SoundRider The workflow I’m interested in implementing is one that would allow me to work with the OT as the main compositional tool that controls my small synths setup. At the same time, I want to be able to record into Logic the Midi sequences I compose on the OT and Midi info for anything else I play on the synths, as I am composing and trying things out.

This is important to me because then I use the Midi sequences of say a synth line that I improvised on the Prophet as Midi info to send to a soft synth in Logic, for instance. Or, I do some changes to the Midi sequence I recorded from the OT in Logic and then I want to feed the altered sequence back to synths.

Does this make sense? Basically I just want the option to work in Parallel on Midi sequences in Logic and OT and have them talk to each other sometimes as the sender and sometime as the receiver.

I checked the OT/Synths/Logic settings soooooo many times and I really don’t understand what I’m getting wrong in the routing, @PeterHanes.

OT: two Midi tracks active, T1 set to channel 10, T2 set to channel 1 (Auto Ch:11)
OT goes into Logic
Logic: one Midi track active, record enabled, nothing recored on it, it’s assigned to channel 10
Logic goes to Prophet, carrying the Midi info the OT sequence is sending
Prophet: Set to channel 10
it receives the info from the OT’s T2 (which is set to 1) as well.

Why? :frowning:

EDIT: If you don’t find a fault in this setup, the only thing I can imagine that is causing this is the Midi USB hub that I’m using. It’s an Edirol UM-1SX. Is is possible that when the Edirol receives the info from the OT and sends it to Logic it doesn’t separate the different channel and just sends the info as ‘All Channels’?

You can easily test the latter by adjusting the channel assignments in Logic and perhaps seeing if built-in soft synths respond to the MIDI messages from the OT.

I still suspect that your problems come from internal MIDI routing in Logic, which I am not qualified to diagnose.

I just tested this. Had the OT run Midi T1 on Channel 1, I put a Software Inst in Logic and set it to Midi Channel 16, and eventhough nothing from the OT is sending to channel 16, the soft synth was still playing the info on the OT that’s on channel 1.

So I guess either it is indeed the problem with the Edirol USB-Midi device, or I don’t understand Midi in Logic and I have to do something else that’s not just setting the Midi Channel on the Midi track.

MIDI in Logic is a bit… tricky.

I’m not sure if Logic X is still the same way as Logic 9 (I can check later) but I suspect it will be. First thing to do is to check in the recording options if there’s an option to “auto-demix” the MIDI channels. This is because by default Logic actually sends all incoming MIDI data to all armed midi tracks.

So turn the auto demix on, but do also try it with more than one track armed in your project. Because IIRC it doesn’t work if you only have one track record-enabled, it still just directs all the incoming data to that one track.

Try that and see if it works. If not, you’re probably looking at having to use Logic Environment to force the MIDI to where you want it, which is horrible but can be done.


Ahhh yesss it works this way with the ‘auto-demix’ thank you!!!:smile:

What a clumsy and unnecessarily complicated way to go about separating Midi channels in a DAW!

Why on a earth would you let the user assign each Midi track on a DAW to a different channel if it makes no difference at all? Why would you make a DAW that sends all incoming data to all armed tracks even when you set tracks to a different channel?

So happy I can finally trigger different synths through different channels. Thanks again!


No problem, you’re welcome. :okej:

As much as I like it, I think Logic is showing its age… and Apple’s lack of commitment to updating it. The underlying Environment does make sense but gets very techy and impregnable for the average user very quickly. Just trying to use an arpeggiator on a track is ridiculous (again, maybe they improved that in Logic X, I haven’t tried) - you have to insert it as a midi processor object in the environment “flowchart”.

I guess when the automatic MIDI routing feature was implemented it was seen as a great feature that surely everyone would want, since you can immediately control whatever your active track is with whatever controller you are using at the time. I don’t think they were envisioning people using hardware sequencers in tandem with Logic, and especially not having both incoming and outgoing MIDI that wasn’t created from within Logic. “Everyone will do everything in the box now! It’s the future!”


Yea it feels like clearly Logic wasn’t meant to perform these pretty simple Midi routing tasks effectively. Is Logic your main DAW or do you use another DAW in conjunction with it when your recordings center more around Midi?
I find the Midi Environment window very very daunting, but I might have to force myself to learn it, because learning the OT & a new DAW like Live at the same time might be overwhelming.

Logic is the only DAW I use really, but I’ve ended up producing either entirely ITB (when I do soundtrack/sound design stuff) or OTB (my own music). OTB I sequence everything off the :elmm: Monomachine. I wanted to see if I could clock Logic off the MM but after a load of faffing it turned out I couldn’t, which was annoying as I fit music work around a full time day job and two young kids. Not a fan of fiddling with computers in what little spare time I have. :zonked:

I ought to learn Ableton but it’s a time thing. TBH with Logic once you have it set up the way it needs to be it’s fine. Don’t delve into the Environment stuff unless you have to as then things are “fixed”, but if you do need to just get those few midi routings locked down it shouldn’t be too much grief and then you don’t have to worry about it. Unless you change your setup of course…


This makes perfect sense :thumbsup:

I do this all the time … most of the creative work OTB, but later the “craftsmanship” like mixing and mastering ITB.

Maybe the other guys are right and it could be a Logic specific issue. I work with Ableton Live and there are two Midi-settings per track only and easy to find on the screen. One is Midi-source and one Midi-destination. The routing is according the setup.

Seems that you got a step forward to reach your goal … :thumbsup: