Is it possible to create jungle beats with RYTM?

I’m studying how to build '90 jungle rhythms and I saw that usually they use samples with entire drum sequence.
So, I’m thinking that RYTM is not suitable for doing it.

Am I right?


First, you can play sequences with your Rytm, so I don’t see why you rule it out.

And with fast tempo + retrig you can definitely reach jungle areas.


And you can chop samples and play them on a rytm , I don’t see why it can’t do jungle.

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Machinedrum can do jungle, so a Rytm can definitely do jungle. Anything that can sequence a jungle loop at high tempo and retrig that sample can do jungle.

IIRC there is even a trick for doing pseudo-timestretching with the rytm. It involved plocking the LFO to samp start, trigless lock on every step and param glide somehow, cant remember anymore…

You dont actually need a super capable sampler for doing breakbeat/jungle beats. What you do need is a bunch of pattn memory for all the drum variations though, or a way to flip the beats live. The BT in chromatic mode should give you all the subbass you will ever need :nyan:

thank you for all answer.
having never worked on this type of rhythm, I was thinking that a software like ableton was totally preferable …

Thank you, now I start to search some good drum samples :slight_smile: