Is it possible to change the note played based on a condition?

I have a song that plays a given note on a trigger. On the second playthrough, I want the same trigger to play a different note. Can I do this with the same track? I can’t seem to get the note to just change using a condition without the condition applying to the whole trigger (I hope that makes sense)

No, not technically. But there’s a workaround! So say you have a note on step one with a 1:2 Trig Condition, you can then put a different note on step two and microtime it all the way back so that it overlaps with step one, then put a Trig Condition of 2:2. This is just an example and you can use whatever combination of Trig Conditions, of course. Also, if you want three notes, then microtime a note ahead of the first one :slight_smile:


Same principle, but for the microtimed trig you can use /PRE, so that the 2nd note is true when the first one is false. That way it works with % conditions.


Awesome guys, thank you very much!


I think I tried this with % trc, in order to have 3 randomed notes, but IIRC the attack of the first of the 3 notes was audible. Note 3 cuts the others.

Ex :
Step 16, microtiming +23, note 1, 33%
Step 01, microtiming 000, note 2, /PRE
Step 02, microtiming -23, note 3, 33%

I’m interested in a better solution!
Maybe another track with NEI on step 02 ? :thinking:


Oh no. That’s a shame. I’ve never tried it myself, but I guess it makes sense because the trigs are not directly on top of each other in terms of sequencer ticks. Feature request!

I use this technique quite often on my AK and OT, usually only two notes which never caused any issues, although I think it also worked with three notes.


I didn’t find a way to add a 3rd note without cutting one of the 2 others, causing a click.
Just tried with DN, previously tried with OT.

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It’s possible to alternate them regularly without click though.

Step 01, microtiming 000, note 1, 1:3
Step 02, microtiming -23, note 2, 2:3
Step 16, microtiming +23, note 3, 2:3


That’s usually the way I do it, just stretching out the 64 steps with A:B conditions.

Edit; the third note would have a 3:3 condition :slight_smile:

Never tried with %TRCs.

Not in above case :wink:. Note 3 is played on the same pattern iteration as note 2, but 1 pattern length after, because it’s at the end.

In this case, yes :
Step 04, microtiming +23, note 1, 1:3
Step 05, microtiming 000, note 2, 2:3
Step 06, microtiming -23, note 3, 3:3


Ahh, I see. Need moar coffee^^ :beers:

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