iPad OS 13 and Zoom recorders

Has anyone tried a Zoom recorder with the beta of iPad OS 13? It would lovely if, for example, the iPad could “see” the files on a Zoom h6.

Thanks in advance.

I did not try it out, But I am quite sure that it is going to work ask those recorders usually are recognized as storage devices. Also the power supply over lightning/usb-c should not be a problem as the recorders have batteries. I’m looking forward to this as well !

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Thank you. It would be so lovely. But, I guess we shall see.

It’s taken Apple far to long to implement thos function. Pro? Hmmm.

can’t wait to transfer my field recordings via usb to the ipad. I always have that feeling that by “recording”/sampling them, i’m loosing quality and i’m adding more noise to those already noisey recordings. Maybe it’s just a psychological thing- but i do prefer the digital way (in this case) :wink:

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I tried to connect my Zoom h1n with iPad Pro with IOS13 DP7, but it’s not working. Device is using to much power it says. Maybe with a powered hub it will work.

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Try a different cable. This happened to me with my iPhone and a USB-C MBP Pro. Couldn’t believe it. It worked after I used a different cable and a USB-C adaptor instead of another cable with the Apple connection kit thingy. :woman_facepalming:

I already tried with different cables, but not working in IOS13. Too much power, it says

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It works with a little Roland recorder I have.

If you get the “too much power” alert, you need a powered hub.


I know :slight_smile: