iPad Music Apps?


Anyone taken the plunge on NanoStudio 2? Really tempted but don’t want to end up chucking $30 after an app I don’t end up using.

Looks amazing for working with MIDI (which is how I like to (piano) roll).

Ugh. Sorry for that last bit. :smiley:


Gadget 2 is coming.
I’m still tempted to buy this. But I already bought so many apps I don’t use… Cubasis and Beatmaker amongst them.
But so many people seem to love gadget


Surely there must be more that’s new than just the addition of six new IAPs? If not, it’s very strange that they would attach a new version number to it…



Ooh yeah! Taipei will bring ext MIDI sequencing to Gadget!

I will be upgrading for sure.

I do wish they’d get rid of the ridiculous 16 bar clip lenght limit though. Lets hope…


Awesome pun! :rofl:


That reminds me, I need to get this on Switch




I bought gadget and never use it. The gadgets are excellent but I don’t like sequencer


Yeh, the sequencer could be better. I’d like an easy “double clip lenght” function and longer than 16 bars (how about 999 bars max). And copypasting events could work better as well.


You can record performances over multiple clips. Also spread imported audio across them. You probably already know this, but just in case

Disclaimer : I still have to look up how to both things every time because I didn’t use it that much either / sequencer is uninviting to me. Good to use gadgets as sound modules from my OT though


I don’t know why but it just felt lacking as a sequencer and for inserting effects to channels, mixing, sequencing a song etc. It sort of reminded me of using music 2000 on my playstation or something, can see how it would work great on the switch.

I’m not knocking it btw, just saying that I prefer bm3, cubase, using sequencers in aum and now nanostudio 2.

Again though I do like their modules, great selection


yes, but recording over multiple clips goes agaisnt the original clip paradigm IMO ( the idea of clips as complete looping pattns that can then be rearranged on the fly with the matrix ). It creates more headaches than it solves when going forward with the arrngement.

As much as I like Gadget for getting rough ideas down etc, it is clear that indepth arranging and mixing is its biggest weakness. Still waiting for fx slot gadgets myself to at least make decent mixes more doable… Or a 1-click export to Auria Pro, even that would be a big help!


yeah, and let’s also mention that you can’t create polyrhythms of any kind… all instruments have the same bar length (although they can be different multiples of it)

I haven’t used Gadget in a long time now, but it’s one of the most fun apps in iPad IMHO… although not without limitations. The standard gadgets sound mostly toy-ish, not very in depth. I only purchased Bilbao but loading one sample at a time (can’t remember if that changed) was so painful that I barely used it.

I will probably purchase that midi out IAP, since I would love to sequence good AU synths (DRC, Mood, Zeeon) … I wonder how much will the workflow hurt from switching between apps, but it might be nice to sketch something quickly using standard gadgets, then exchanging them to MIDI OUT modules going into better apps…


Ninetedo switch has gadget as well apparently!


I never use most of the gadgets myself. I tend to only use

  • Odyssei
  • Wavestation
  • M1
  • Monopoly
  • Montreal
  • Bilbao

with a few oneshots from recife and london here and there.


Any suggestions on a simple one shot sampler? I use an Octatrack in live situations but am thinking about adding a small 16 pad controller with my ipad for dedicated one shots to sort of make my live sets a little more performative. I’d be prepping all the sounds on my computer so I don’t need anything overly robust. Being able to save kits would be awesome so I could have the OT send a program change at the start of each track to change to the correct bank of one shots.


Have a look at iMPC Pro 2 … or Beatmaker …


NS2 has got really nice workflow and meaningful UI with some cool editing features. Obsidian synth is absolutely brilliant and very powerful synth with low CPU use (considering it’s power) so you can ran many instances. Comes with many good presets but it’s also sound designers wet dream (big modulations list, very flexible oscillator and filter section, …). Audio FX are good and get the job done but not sonically spectacular. Slat sampler is also quite powerful with own 4 buses FX system and more.

I’m only missing audio tracks which are supposed to be added in future version, this will make it complete for me.

In general, I like it the most out of BM3 and Gadget, sound- and workflow-wise.


Just saw this video and didn’t realise this feature existed. Never really considered using patterning as a melodic sequencer, this definitely makes it easier


Korg Gadget 2 is out and a free update on iOS!

Note that Gadget 2 projects are not compatible with the old version… Guessing this includes the desktop versions of the app as well. Bit of a bummer, I will need to upgrade my desktop license soon.

Also sad to resport that the max bar limit of 16 still applies even in version 2 :sob:

Here’s a screenshot of the new FX

Here’s Taipei