iPad Music Apps?


Yeah, you can absolutely do this with AUM. You shouldn’t have any CPU issues with a new iPad, I have last years 10.5" Pro and it can handle plenty of effects in real time, and I think this years non-pro is a similar spec?


i have the normal ipad from last year. today i ran an audiobus project with patterning, animoog, borderlands, elastic drums, and some eos instances in parallel and had 95 % cpu. hard to finish a track like that. guess i have to record single tracks down to audio in cubasis


FX don’t use that much.

Apps not named Moog don’t either. :upside_down_face: you pay a high cpu price for that quality.

iPad Audio Interface

How about latency? And any specific tips on which audio interface to do this with?


I can relate. I’m finally digging into Moog Model 15, working through Subject Sound’s Modular Synthesis on IOS course. Holy smokes, there’s tons of stuff I wouldn’t have figured out in 10 years of mucking about on it my own - and probably spending too much time buying and messing with a bunch of apps - and Model 15 isn’t even that complicated for a modular synth.


No issues with latency, default is low enough for me not to notice and I have to really push it to get crackles. In some apps you can configure buffer size. The amount of stuff you can run at once is nowhere near a desktop DAW in my experience but plenty for use as a live processor with maybe a synth or two - better looking at the iPad as a supplement to an existing setup than your entire setup imo (though some people do make great tracks entirely on iOS!)

Interface wise, any class compliant usb interface should work via the Lightning to USB adapter (sometimes called camera connection kit). I would get the slightly more expensive one which has both a usb and a Lightning port on the other end so you can charge the iPad while using a usb device. My Focusrite 18i8 works great and I can access all the inputs and outputs individually in apps like AUM


I’m doing exactly the same thing.


busted out model 15 last night for the first time in a long time. Amazing app. Stumbled across this tip on the internet

moebius lab and m15 can be joined together via the audiobridge, essentially adding the modules together into a single system.

Haven’t tried it yet but sounds fun


+1 on this thread. I guess this was one of the most expensive reads for me on this forum… Waiting now for the credit card bill :sweat_smile:


how do you find model 15 app any playable? this is very exciting app at a glance but so clunky and frustrating once you’re trying to dive deep into patching and stuff


I found it pretty well set up, you don’t have to drag the patch points one to the other, you can just tap one point so the jack pops out slightly then just tap an input and they’ll link. Use two fingers to move around the synth. What are you finding clunky about it?


ah good point, thank you, i was dragging the patch-cables :man_facepalming:
i also use ipad mini so that may be the case as well, although they’ve got even iphone app!


Glad to help! Yeah I use it on a big iPad Pro, bigger the better really. I don’t think using it in the iPhone would be ideal but it’s still nuts something like this can fit in your pocket now. Love it


Even with the tap method mentioned by @jb I find it kind of painful to navigate. I hear recordings I made with it and they sound nice, but then I remember all that scrolling and patching and don’t bother to open the app.

Be good if the different modules could be distinctly coloured like the Grandmother, but for me it all looks so samey…

Moog should release a grandmother-style skin for it. I actually use the novelty Monopoly skin on the Korg mono/poly app when on a phone because it feels easier than the original you have a small screen

Getting a bit tired of all the heavily rendered ‘look like a synth’ UIs on apps. I like ones like DRC with the uncluttered layout. I know it would cost a lot of design time but I’d love to flick a switch on Gadget and just go minimal across all the gadgets


totally agree with you on ‘look like synth’ UI. touch interface should lead to very different interaction rather than imitations/workarounds. samplr is a great example of this approach. there’s another modular synth app called ops with very beneficial touch UI


Yeah I get what you mean, to be fair I wouldn’t strike it off as never gonna happen, I reckon the blank module holes at the bottom suggest they’ll update it at some point. I’d love to be able to add my own faceplates but I doubt it’d ever be that open. Wonder if someone who knows about app development would be able to switch the files out


I really Model 15 app and personally find it fine to work with. My biggest gripe is with the manual, they should have a picture of the module they are describing


Spot on! Vst plug ins with a reel of ‘tape’ spinning, ‘tubes’ glowing, etc, are so dumb to me. Most synth apps try so hard to look like a ‘real’ synth with tiny knobs that are a total crap shoot to use with any accuracy is just maddening to me at this point. Total waste of resources as well. Some developers do actual UI’s that are usable, but most don’t. I like Samplr and Tardigrain quite a bit. Patterning has pretty good functionality as well


Yeah it’s called skeuomorphism and Very Bad ™

I think early software used it to help people transition to computers but it shoulda died in the 90s imo.


My preferred way of patching modules on Model 15 as well. I also prefer to use the right-side scrollbar to navigate instead of the double-finger drag method. The only thing I struggle with is changing the color of the patch cables - just can’t figure out the right combination of gestures and such to make it work consistently.

I’m actually not a fan of of skewmorphism and prefer the Sunvox UI, but the IOS modular synthesis course I’ve been taking focuses on Model 15 and Ripplemaker, so I was kind of compelled to dig in, more than I would have otherwise.