iPad Music Apps?


Nanostudio 2 will be out on Friday for £28.99. This is the big one, chaps!



looks amazing, i hope i get into the beta testing.



Though, if not, I still have to work on Syntorial and the beta will probably be the trial portion anyway


Playing around with Patterning 2 this morning. Just silly how good this thing is


If anyone is interesting in training their ears for mixing check out Quiztones. It’s a simple but useful tool.


Great stuff


A game changer is coming.
Look that amazing modular AUv3



I’ve always been on the fence about iPads (I’m an Android/Windows guy) but with the iPad (not pro) on sale for $250-$350, it seems like a no brainer for sound-design on the go. With apps like Samplr and Borderlands, how would I go about exporting or recording the sounds that I’ve made, though? I know I could record them into my DAW with a CCK and soundcard, but is there an easy way to record and export stuff to Google Drive?


You can record and export via AudioBus


Dope. It seems like AUM does the same thing after a bit of research. That’s perfect. Now I have to convince my wife to let me spend the money on an iPad after just buying a DN.


AUM will put your recordings into AudioShare, which is the best audio file manager on iOS. It provides easy access to Dropbox, but not sure about Google Drive. I’ve never tried.

Both AUM and AudioShare are essential if you’re even thinking about getting into iOS audio stuff.


Looks like its going to be a fun groovebox


That’s how you miss out if you’re to busy buying apps instead of properly learning them. I never used automation, I never used multiple realtime recordings and layering. Now I saw this video for the first time.
Holy cow, this app is even a million times better than I thought for over a year


I’ve never understood sector, I try but give up.
But would recommend learning how to route things in aum , it’s very flexible.


Yeah, Sector just put me in a bad mood :slight_smile:


Still the best granular app. Others have specific strengths over it. But all around best. I just hope version 2 has midi. I swore off apps but that’ll be a buy.

My moment was watching a new video for version 2. As opposed to peppered red dots, there were thick red bars. Narrow the x/y to a slit and increase the number of grains…




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Agree 100%

I hope version 2 is available for iPhone as well. That would be SIGNIFICANTLY more convenient


I’ve been poking around in the Syntorial app the past few days. Solid tutorial.

(I bought the full version during last years Christmas sale- whatever that means for Holliday Sale GAS)


is it realistic to use a new iPad as a multi channel fx processor, for example if I was to run my DT and DN into an iOS compatible interface, and process the two of them with different sets of effects?