iPad Music Apps?


Which ipad do you use? I think my mini4 would choke under all that…


Ipad air2


yeah it‘s quite complicated. didn‘t really try to learn it though.


I think those are similar specs. Hm…


Me neither(partially)


Anyone pick up the electribe wave? Any good?


If so, what are your favorite apps?


There’s a pretty good, well populated thread here about iPad app users. Do a search and it’ll turn up quick.

I use iPad apps mainly to make sounds to sample into my OT or DT, as well as a live synth from time to time. It’s such an inexpensive way to get a lot of great sounds and inspiration, IMO. Favorite apps;

PATTERNING- arguably one of the coolest, most clever drum machines you can buy and it’s stupid cheap.
TARDIGRAIN- super fun granular mangler
SAMPLR- hard to explain, but one of my very favorites
WALDORF NAVE- awesome wavetable synth
MOOG makes several synth apps and they’re all stellar, IMO

Tons of cool stuff out there for a relatively tiny investment


I did, it’s very good, (so far I’m just scratching surface) , it is miles better than iElectribe. Better MIDI, LINK, sample import, etc…
I didn’t get the IAPS packs.


Asking is free…


I like it, but Groove Rider is the best groovebox app on iOS. It’s an Electribe on steroids.


Have heard that and was debating between the two


Ha! Well done

Nevermind Elektron dark trinity or whatever it is. I want blofeld, pulse and attack side by side if only for aesthetic reasons

I actually bought Waldorf edition right after I said that. It’s the first VST instrument I’ve tried (had to find a basic host for it). the PPG sounds amazing. Better than any iOS synth I have and much nicer than my blofeld. Makes me think about going ITB which is v weird


never tried it. Is it good for making whole tracks?


+1 on Groove Rider
It’s what I wanted the new Electribe to be and more.


regarding iDensity: you probably know this but a lot of people don’t - double tapping any parameter allows you to set an lfo to it - shape, max / min values, etc.
this allows for a lot of organic movement


I appreciate you presuming that I knew about that, but that is wild and crazy news and I also appreciate you informing me of it.

Wow. Brilliant!


haha great! you’ll go crazy with that :stuck_out_tongue: and it works for every parameter, even panning, mixer volume, etc… it’s crazy -that’s a feature on all his apps


At the moment you can only do pattern chaining, but the dev is adding a fully featured song mode shortly.


The people behind Syntotial are making an app focusing around teaching composition in the same manner as Syntorial did called “Audible genius”

As a person that is winging it in regards to track writing, this is exciting to me