iPad Music Apps?


waldorf attack. it’s marketed as a drum synth, but is really an extremely versatile 2 oscillator VA synth, with 24 part multitimbrality and 48 voices of polyphony. each part also has its own sequencer, so it’s almost more of a groovebox than anything.

also uses waldorf’s excellent DSP algorithms, which i swear sometimes must be imbued with some kind of magic. seriously one of the most characterful and organic analog emulations i’ve ever heard. and it’s only $20 nwn

i use it to make most of my drum samples, and have also made a few fairly solid basses, but often i just get lost in it, pushing it to its limits and seeing what kind of chaos i can conjure. it’s really something :3


Waldorf Attack deserves much more love than it gets!


:thinking: sounds good. i might try it


after owning Auria, BM3, Cubasis… I’ve given app on iPad DAWS. Can’t beat a mouse and a keyboard.

I realized that, at least for me, iPad is more of an inspiring, almost-infinite sound source - either soundscapes, drones, synth sounds, sequences or whatever… I can record stuff there and then move them to the computer where it eventually becomes something.

I love AUM to death (rendered AudioBus pretty much useless for me overnight) so I might buy Rozetta since it’s 50% off… I’ve been tempted to get it before - Noir seems pretty nice too, but it’s full price… for what I heard it reminded me a bit of Digitone’s rythmic sounds


I loved the hardware version but the iOS app is missing a randomiser function.


Noir is great. Bit like dfam.

I make loops and synth parts in aum then record them to go into my desktop daw and digitakt. iPad is great for getting sounds


You just made me look for the current prices…


I seem to remember it had a few on board demos because it had the sequencer tucked away in there too and one demo in particular was funky as hell, could get down to that!
If you hear it you will be forever hunting that little metal brick!

Sorry, but here, fast forward to 1min21 and check that vibe out!


I wish they’d put it in the blofeld shape. But still in the colours and with that red Hal eye, whatever it is.

The iOS one needs more youtube jams, not walkthroughs. You should do one @ghostsax !


Yes yes, the Attack in Blofeld guise would be instant purchase!


Can anyone vouch for iDensity? I’ve always had my eye on it.

How is it different from Borderlands (other than limit of 6 streams…)?


it’s insanely capable and powerful and a little bit daunting.

Personal experience: the demo projects are very beautiful, but I can’t figure out how to make anything like it. There are a lot of sound shaping parameters.

If you know what you’re doing(I don’t) then you’ll definitely be satisfied.

How is it different from Borderlands:
Borderlands seems more sporadic(and to me, more fun) but iDensity offers more control over the sound and playback


If youre recommending it Im gettin it.


I think you’ll benefit from it. I have no doubt that you’ll be able to figure it out- and it will offer the inverse perspective of granular to Borderlands.

I look forward to hearing what you make with it!


can also vouch for idensity. the parameters aren’t immediately intuitive, and the documentation is a bit lacking, but for $8 it really can make some beautiful sounds.


4usd for Black Friday!

Does it allow you to send / render each track or is only 2ch?


+1 for iDensity and really any Ape Soft app.

Anybody tried Korg Electribe Wave? How is the (midi) connectivity to external gear? It has sample import, hopefully from Audioshare? Sounds good?

It’s on special with IAPs…


10usd Audulus!


I’ve bought too many apps in this sale and I’ve still a list of one’s tempting me


My live setup:
Octatrack, Ipad, Iconnectivity Audio4+
I have 2 flex track resampling the Ipad via ICA4+
App used: AUM, Noir, tardigrain, Ripplemaker, LoopyHD, AUM sampler for vocal (pitched down) and some FX like Kosmonaut, replicant, EOS2, Ratshack reverb, Shaper, FAC bundle.
UC33 controller to controll OT tracks volume and delay send.
I use MIDILink Sync to sync OT and Ipad.
Love this setup