iPad Music Apps?


Yyeeesssss. This is looking promising right now. THANK YOU soooo much. Saved a bunch of indulgent noodling :slight_smile:

So I should update to ios12 then backup then restore then do the backup restore?


If you have a backup from ios11, restore the os to ios11 and then restore from that backup.

If you do backup ios12, make sure you don’t overwrite your ios11 backup. I think it will be renamed different by default.


Yes I understand. I’ve already downgraded to ios11.4 successfully. I’ve performed the backup and things seem to be progressing well.

My question is about clean installing for ios12. After everything works out here, I update to ios12 then do a backup, then restore and then do a restore backup of the backup I made on ios12?


I don’t think there’s much need to do clean installs of iOS unless you have specific issues, I’ve never done a clean install. Not sure why the backups are not compatible though, that’s no good!


Yeah I think you don’t need to do a clean install. But if you do, sounds like you got it right.


Ive seen it recommended in various places to boost performance (which very well may be purely conjecture). Id never done it so wanted to give it shot. Well see.

Thanks again for your save. Everything seems to be in order. That was terrifying.


Noir has been released.

It reminds me if weird noises I’ve been able to make on rtym, but much easier.
I expect it’ll be all over techno/idm releases in the coming months.

Another great app from bram bos.

Info here


looks awesome. love brambos


Yeah, it’s really really great for those Robert Hood-esque FM techno loops especially. Really awesome app, the sequencer is so well designed. Can’t wait to get some loops sampled from it :slight_smile:


played with Noir today and recognized that it‘s basically the design of the moog dfam…


That’s what first came to mind when I initially saw it :smiley:


Thanks for posting this, this year instead of buying yet more apps, I’ll spend some money on learning better 2 apps I already have.


All Audio Damage apps 1.99usd!!


ui. Time to get quanta


Yes. I find it works best with loops with a lot going on already.

I wasn’t too impressed by EOS but shoot Ill take a Discord at that price.

EDIT: oh this is nice…


Yesterday I powered up my iPad Air for the first time in months. Used it a lot for awhile, but burned out on it hard for awhile. Decided trying to use it as and thing resembling a DAW just isn’t for me yet. Hated BM3 with a passion though I really wanted to like it. I think it was the act of trying to combine apps and do too much inside the iPad. For now it’s just sample food. There’s just a few apps I really want to get back to.
A few others…

I actually bought the now ‘ancient’ Waldorf Nave and think it’s genius. Love it to bits. Glad to be back using it, but plan on simplififying greatly to avoid frustration!


Yeah I never found anything workable as a daw, BM3 is too convoluted, Auria seems more focused on live recording and the way it did midi is confusing and hackish, it also doesnt work with my seaboard and is ugly to look at. Garageband is just weird.

I might get cubasis if theres an app store sale but I know not being able to make sub groups for audio will annoy me.

Zeeon is a really nice synth app imo.


Aum and rozetta is great. More like jamming with hardware and a mixer than an actual daw but great for putting ideas together


cubasis is on 50%


I have cubasis and beatmaker. the sampler and pads are nice in beatmaker but i never finished a song.
cubasis works better for me in this regard but i have problems with the daw workflow on an ipad in general. Midi and audio editing is fiddly compared to a computer (maybe I have to get used to it more)

so i also prefer aum together with the rozeta sequencers. i wish there was an option to record keyboard midi notes in aum