iPad Music Apps?


apps don’t have manuals :rofl:


Thanks guys. I wouldn’t have asked if 1) I hadn’t Read the manual and 2) explored the app several times.

You weren’t helpful, but happy you got your snark on.


Sorry buddy, my reply was intended to poke fun at asterix


Patterning 2’s manual looks pretty good by app standards.

SunVox has tons of documentation but there would be a lot less users without Solar Lune’s tutorial videos.

Model 15 has a couple of nice built-in tutorials at the basic level (how to patch something so you get a sound you can play from the keyboard) but you’re pretty much left on your own after that. Also, they forget to remind you that you can use the double-tap option to connect patch cables, so you’re not stuck holding a finger down while scrolling with the other hand.

Gadget’s manual is decent.

iMS-20… oh man… couldn’t use it without Tim Webb’s video walkthrough/tutorial. Never used an MS-20 before I got the app, and actually got my MS-20 Mini after I got the app.

Apesoft app.s… great apps but the manuals, oh man…

Not a lot of apps with good manuals…


Bram Bos manuals are the best in the bidness.


Not helpfully ?
Could you read the page 8 of the manual ?
Do you need help about this content?




Not directed towards anybody here, but I just like funny comix and am currently watching The IT Crowd on Netflix



I’m gonna have to defend my colleagues on this one. There are all of what, 7 tabs in Patterning’s header? The very first tab opens a page with just 4 icons on it, one of which is actually a picture of a clock with “CLOCK SETTINGS” written above it in all caps. Hell, the clock itself is even labelled “CLOCK” in redundancy. And when you tap on that icon, the first sync related option you see is “MIDI Clock Receive”…

And that’s before you even read the manual. So just how deep did you go exactly?

Besides which, the responses you received were clearly meant in good-humour and far from offensive. Humility is a virtue, folks (wink).



Yes there are. MIDI settings under the 'File" tab? Who would have thought…



Watched that episode a couple of days ago. Haven’t decided though if what happened at the start of Season 2 was too early or not.


I’ve seen it all quite a few times but if I recal correctly through the haze of time is it that the majestically magnificent Chris Morris is killed off/suicides?

If so, yeah I’m with you.
I love Matt Berry but things were set up and I hate when characters leave, especially genius actor/writers!

To keep on topic, I love Sector and Elastic Drums!


Yeah, it was a suicide triggered by being caught messing with the books./ledger Loved Matt Berry’s grand entrance into the show, but the original boss was pretty funny too. I decided to check out the show after I started watching Disenchantment and thus discovered Berry.

Back on topic, just started following a discussion on how to automate Spacecraft Granular. The app store says “MIDI Not Supported” but the FAC Envolver guy put up a video demoing automation of Spacecraft’s XY panel via MIDI CC. - kind of confused by that. But before I get Spacecraft, I want to work some more through the IOS modular synthesis course that I bought on sale last week:

Hmm it appears to be still on sale for 20 Euro, down from 35.


It’s a real stumbling-block.



hi guys,

i know this isnt quite the place for it, but i dont visit other forums, especially not the ios related.

i followed a recommendation on here and jumped onto patterning v2. mostly interested as a sequencer.
however, it seems that after a point, the notes cannot be removed or added.

i can erase them visually but the sounds remain.
any ideas on this? its just frustrating and happened 30min into each session.


If you also like to have the option of velocity-layered acoustic drums and percussion, the only current apps I know are Beatmaker 3 and Arturia iSpark. iSpark has a few advantages over BM3: A MIDI-syncable drum sequencer, in-app sampling too and drum pads that can trigger different velocities by hitting them at different vertical positions. Many builtin FX too, and I much prefer its UI over BM3. However, it’s mainly made for drums, not keyboard instruments. Syncs perfectly over MIDI clock from elektron gear (I’m using USB MIDI)


Beatmaker 2, not 3.
Groove Rider Gr-16 (for sample import/sampling you need AudioShare)
AudioLayer (the only one with disk streaming for large sample instruments)
Gadget plus AudioShare for sample import


Whelp i think I lost everything I’d done on my iPad.

I did a backup to do a clean install of ios12. What NO.ONE.NO.WHERE. said was that a backup of a previous ios would not be compatible with a new ios. And because apple is a a beautiful company, i can’t get ios11 anywhere and fml.