iPad Music Apps?


Korg PlugKey?

I’ve got one. Has one midi in and a stereo out. Used it this summer to sequence iPad synths and sample directly into the Digitakt. Mostly one shot instrument and percussive stuff but loops works as well.

Monitoring on the Digitakt is mono so that’s a bit boring but it works fine for sampling.


You can put samples into the gadget in-app purchase drum machine Bilbao. Has midi learn so it’s easy to set up parameters from the OT.


Excited for Virsyn audiolayer update. Now has Exs24 support, which Auria has struggled with.

Might be a good sample for you @Kingtiers ? haven’t got it myself yet. Seems more an instrument sampler/player…


Elastic Drums, brilliant anyway but just had an update allowing more midi control. You would need to buy the sample option to drop your own sounds in but I can’t rave about this app enough and it’s more than worth the price.
Love it to bits


I grabbed Patterning 2 for now. It seems to really fit the bill. 'm going to test sequencing it with the OT tonight but the built in sequencer interface is really interesting. I may try some of the other suggestions at some point as well. Thanks everyone.


I like Patterning 2, but if your OT is doing all the sequencing, you should take a look at Ruismaker, DM2, Elastric Drums, Seek Beats etc. There’s also a host of 808 and 909 emulator apps.

Patterning 2 only comes with one kit, and if you want more, you have to download them.


Looks like you can create user kits, though. That’s what I’m after.


Just about all the drum apps will let you make user presets.

Patterning 2 just strikes me as an app that wants to be a master rather than a slave to something like the OT. The fact that Patterning 1 didn’t even have MIDI note input makes me skeptical about recommending v2 as a drum machine module to be played by OT MIDI - why not look for a drum machine app with a more proven track record, regarding MIDI input implementation?

Anyway, you spent the money, so let us know how it goes with your OT.


Works exactly as I had hoped and was simple to set up. The built in sequencer is super interesting too. The circular pattern rotation creates some variations I wouldn’t have programmed intentionally.

I’m really liking this iPad/Octatrack setup. I can create little musical sketches when I’m out then bounce them to the OT to sculpt them further.


Yeah it’s a shame it isn’t more simple. It sounds more complicated than it is though. At least it gives you access to unlimited sample material on the go. You can get the documents app on iPhone too so if you’ve got one you could use your phone to download stuff more quickly, save to dropbox then import from Dropbox inside BM3


Any suggestions for an iPhone sampler? Beatmaker 3 is coming to iPhone one day but the devs are silent and it hasn’t been updated in ages. I’d like to make some simple sample based hip hop beats without having to carry my iPad everywhere. I’ve got the 1st MPC app but it only lets me load samples from my iTunes library which has nothing in it. I’d rather load samples from other apps


User kits and tons of free ‘cloud kits,’ too!


FieldScaper is what I use for samples on my phone… not a traditional ‘sampler’ though


have you tried garage band? i find it unintuitive relative to other apps but its got some decent features. It’s got a beat sequencer but I dont know if you can load your own samples.


Check out Groove Rider GR-16, really good Electribe clone, but no time stretch unfortunately.

Also Gadget with the Bilbao and Vancouver IAPs, but find it pretty hard to use on the phone screen.

Look forward to BM3 coming to iPhone eventually.


Patterning 2 users: does it allow MIDI sync from other apps or from hardware? Have looked and tried, but can’t seem to locate the settings. Thanks.


Shame that Intua has been so slow to bring Beatmaker 3 to iPhone. I was using Beatmaker 2 on iPhone for a while because it was the only DAW that ran universal, and had both the audio and MIDI functionality I was looking for.

SunVox has quickly become my iPhone sequencer of choice, and yes it has a Sampler module, although you might be pleasantly surprised by the DrumSynth and other modules.


Yes possible to Sync to external clock


Where is the setting?


Page 8

Sometimes take time to check in the manual :grinning: