iPad Music Apps?


This is pretty much what kills it for me too. To have to load in the same file for multiple mangling apps? A bummer.


Regarding live performance, I do admit IOS apps can be hit and miss there. The ones that preset a knobby look are particularly unreliable in that the knob turns the opposite direction from when I move my finger - would not want to rely on onscreen “touch” knobs for live shows. I could go on with the anti-knobs rant, but I’ll spare y’all that. Ironic that SunVox, which is often called ugly and scary by non-users, actually got it right as far as giving the user controls that actually work in predictable manner.

Most of the utility I’ve gotten from IOS music apps is in music theory/learning, playing with ideas, composition and, uh, “production” - though I have no intention of delving into audio mastering - a black art I wouldn’t mind leaving to pros.


Any one use FAC ENVOLVER here?
The V2 can convert audio signal into midi notes :open_mouth::drooling_face:
I just want to know if it CPU friendly or CPU hungry.


The space craft app is really nice. I’m digging it way more than Quanta. It’s like $3 and I’ve been making really cool sounds. 100% recommended


I LOVE that app, such a magical sound experience to place around with it :slight_smile:


I didnt like quanta.
I love tardigrain ( can be use as an FX, i like to use it on Aux/send in AUM for that lush reverb).
Spacecraft sound really good too. Send LFO to it to controll parameter is awsome.
I like to use Borderlands too as FX too.


I can’t remember if it was The Soundtest Room or Haq Attaq, but one of them used Space Craft as an effect in AUM. It’s Auv3, so it works for some reason, and I guess it’s being developed further in this regard


I’m a fan of apps like Fugue Machine and Xynthesizer. Apps that offer a bit of random-auto-generation. Anyone familiar with similar apps?


Fugue machine is still my favouritw seqeuncer app. Everything you do results in beautiful melodies


Question guys. How to route audio on the ipad from youtube to e.g. beatmaker? Is there some app like soundflower for mac?


I didn’t think recording system audio was possible on iPad but id love to be proven wrong.


the only way i have found is to use the ‘screen recording function’. the output is saved to photos and share that to audioshare


Great app! Have only really used it a lot with octatrack (as a kind of weird side chain with envelope on one track affecting fx on another).

Seem to remember trying it out with iMono/Poly when I first got it and maybe there were some crackles when chopping and changing routings and things using Audiobus but okay when left to do its thing


You may need to save the audio as a WAV. Or use an interface/mixer that has some routing capabilities. Keith McMillan K-Mix might be an option here as it works well with iOS. Haven’t tried using Audiobus for this purpose…


Is there anyone out there who might be able to help me? I’ve read this entire thread and have gotten great advice on purchases and am incredibly grateful, but dang if I cannot figure out how to send MIDI from Dot Melody to another instrument in AUM. Is it possible, or am I reaching here? If it is possible I would love to know how to do it. Thanks.


Can anyone recommend a good ios sampler specifically to be used as a midi triggered drum machine? I’m looking for something I can use in conjunction with my Octatrack’s midi channels now that I’ve sold my Rytm. I have a ton of samples I just want to load up and save in racks if possible.


I would probably say Patterning 2… be careful, v1 doesn’t allow for midi triggering (only output)


That looks promising. Thanks.

  1. Download documents 5 by readle
  2. Use it’s browser to download files either via zip files from vinyl blogs or by using a YouTube downloader.
  3. (If zip file) go to your files app. Click on it with beatmaker open and it should automatically unzip to BM3s import folder
  4. For YouTube copy a YouTube link and google YouTube to wav, there’s a ton of converters. Convert and download using documents
  5. Using files move from Documents into the BM3 imports folder.
  6. (I think) you should be able to use split screen to drag and drop into beatmaker anyway, don’t quote me on that one though

Beatmaker can’t open MP3 files so try to download wav to save yourself a step. In beatmakers browser you can convert mp3 files by clicking on them though. Your import folder on BM3 is under “On my iPad/beatmaker 3/imports”. Anything in there can be drag and dropped onto pads.

I highly recommend you keep this folder organised from the get go, otherwise you’ll end up moving files and messing up old tracks by losing the file paths.


Thanks you. Sounds not like the most straight forward way :slight_smile: hope there will be some better options in future where you can route audio and just sample it