iPad Music Apps?


Synth one is freaking awesome. Alot of sweetspots and the UI is super intuitive


Another +1 for synth one. So many great presets and well layed out UI


Just throwing the subject out there so we can get a pool of suggestions :slight_smile:

Finally, the perfect mixer? [Allen & Heath QuPac]

Searching is good



My bad… Didn’t think about that




I use that combo from time to time, what would you like to know? I‘ll try to help where I can :slight_smile:


Comparison of 3 popular granular apps by Jakob Haq:

iDensity (one of the best imo) is not included, but I guess it just didn’t make his top 3


yeah I dunno why he didn’t cover iDensity… and Quanta is around the corner so…


On the AB forum he said he only wants to make videos on apps on which he has personal experience. Quanta is not one of them yet.


well I already did some tests in the meantime :wink:
I was curious about the possibility of triggering samples, wich apparently does just fine (via disk streaming)
for now I’m manually triggering them with file players in AUM, but I might incorporate BM3 later on… seems like a good option to have a single session loaded with several long audio files (evolving synths, textures, vocals, etc.)
how do you use it? I’m interested in your workflow / uses


i basically use it like an sp404, so have a bunch of loops and slices on the four banks and trigger those via digitakt or on screen. I tried emulating a live sampling & slicing setup a la octatrack but gave up on it again rather quickly…I’ll probably just get an Octatrack in the near future :slight_smile:


For long sample i use Loopy HD


I use quanitloop, mostly for guitar looping which is its main design. It’s tip top imo, does everything I want, supports AUv3, can wire it into Aum via IAA etc. Wish it had more tracks.

I usually use it with a fixed number of bars, but i believe it supports arbitrary length loops. You can try it for free anyway. Limited to 4 tracks.


Korg Summer Sale:

Never owned Reason or used Rex loops, so not sure the new Stockholm REX player gadget is for me. Might go for Vancouver instead.


Whoa! Octo Rex for Gadget?! Sweet! I just now found out about this!

I’ve always thought it looked interesting from what I’ve seen, but I was never a fan of Reason- nor did I want to go in on another DAW environment

I’m going to wait for some videos to come out about it before purchasing. I don’t know how I would be able to convert a file to REX on my iPhone/iPad


OK quick question, going to buy Gadget for £19 here in the UK but what does it offer?. As I still see a lot of in app purchases.

ANy other must have Korg apps I should cop


You should take your time, the sale lasts a while, and read a lot of reviews. Running a search on the Audiobus Forum for an app you might be interested in is a good idea.

Generally speaking Korg are insanely slow with updates and they have not made AU versions of any of their apps. They have also not adopted other app-enhancing technologies (read: convenience) like the Files app.

Don’t fall into the mentality that just because there’s a super sale you should buy apps or IAPs. It’s so easy to do on iOS and you end up with a ton of apps you’ll never use. There will be other sales.

Just wanted to warn you because I most certainly fell into that trap and have loads of apps I do not, and probably will never, use.


I use my. iPad a lot
Typically in aum.
Sunrizer / all beep street
All bram bos . Run cells into scaler into arp …
All audio damage fx , Dubstation and adverb2 are great
AUFX range.
Like the new rx950 plugin too , great on drums.
DRC, sem , model d…

Aum. Can do crazy modulation stuff too.
Quanta looks good , I’ve got the others … they’re nice for weird ambient things but haven’t got into any tracks yet