iPad Music Apps?


Cubasis on sale atm 50% off. It’s quite expensive but it’s been on my list for ages. Something to do with a major update.


hmm. Not sure if I need a DAW on Ipad. Using Aum most of the time. But cubasis looks pretty solid.
Have beatmaker, but beside it’s sampler, I don’t really like it


Yeah, BM3 feels quite hard to use/over-complicated. Can’t get into it. I was quite impressed by Cubasis in terms of what it can do, but equally I don’t really find DAWs ideal on iOS. Have much more fun with AUM or apeMatrix and Rozetta and some AUv3s, fun “modular” jamming type workflow.

apeMatrix is well worth checking out, once you get your head round it its a great way to route stuff in interesting ways, plus you can LFO any AUv3 parameters


me, too. Sometimes I wish I could finish an idea into a track directly on the ipad though. And I don’t like BM3 for that. I think I got my head around it, but it’s still not handy to use. The sampler part is really cool

Have to check it out, yes. I became careful with buying apps :slight_smile: When I got my Ipad i bought quite many apps, and now I use 10 % of them, mainly Aum, Bram bos and zeeon


Ditto, it’s so easy to get carried away with “oh its only 4.99” or whatever, haha. But I am enjoying iOS music more and more as it matures, and as my mindset to production changes, and I’m happy to support these devs really as I know there’s not a great deal of money in it right now for most devs.

Digitakt etc. have already got me into the “one take live recording” mindset, which currently works much better for me than trying to arrange in a DAW, so AUM fits right into that for me – nice to be able to have a jam on a train or with my feet up on the sofa :slight_smile:


I only got an ipad recently and my credit card issuer shut my card down yesterday because they thought someone had stolen it because of so many mini transactions. “eh, no, that was me going nuts with music apps in app store”. :smile:

But Zed Synth! It sounds awesome, but it’s just gone? :frowning:


Does Cubasis support sub/bus-mixes? Like can I create channel a, b and c, put an AUv3 on a & b, and have them output to c? I dont think it did and thats the last thing thats stopping me from getting it


same for me. I go to work by train, and since I have the Ipad the 30 minutes almost fly to fast :smiley: Sometimes I’m disappointed that I already arrived.
I got my Ipad shortly before Aum and Auv3. I they were out already I had passed on some apps.

Cubasis still looks tempting for half the price


I would give you my cubasis license if i could. Never use it or bm3. Auria is awesome for mixing though.

And i’m like a broken record but gadget gadget. Every song or beat i start on it get’s used. Mostly going into my octatrack. Love the workflow. Love how easy it is to automate stuff. You need bilbao and your drum samples though.


Tranferring app licenses would be nice.
I just hesitate to buy gadget, cause it’s another thing that has countless apps integrated, and I already think I have too much. And i don’t like that you can’t use your favourite synths inside gadget.
But I might be wrong, and it might be the coolest app on ios :slight_smile: People seem to love it

You can arrange full tracks in gadget right, record midi notes etc.?


Well first download the free version which has 3 instruments and 3 tracks. U can see how u like the workflow. But yeah, if u get all iap it is pricey. Bilbao and oddysei and monopoly are my most used.


And yeah, u can do everything in it. My workflow is setting up 8 loops and 3 variations/harmonic changes etc and exporting to auria to run through fx and then exporting to the ot. U could do everything in gadget but i do prefer the fx i have in auria.


Gadget is great. Check it out.

It’s nearly like a tiny Ableton like app, having some good sound generators included. If you want to use your own samples, check out Bilbao, if you want to chop and loop samples Abu Dhabi could be of interest.

And … Gadget is not a closed shop. There are good export functions too.


Korg do regular sales so best to wait for those. The open source synth AudioKit Synth One is out tomorrow 28th june meant to sound great.


no it doesn’t unfortunately, this would be my biggest feature request


That’s true. Gadget is not a mixing/fx hero. That should be done outside. But I like to play with the musical ideas, clips, and scenes. Workflow is quick.


I always wait for korg discounts.

The best thing about gasget is that jt always works. No freezes or dropouts etc. Just perfect always. Export individual tracks to dropbox and then do what you want. Hey do some stuff with other apps and they sound great but there is always some connection troubleshooting, set up etc.

Gadget opens exactly as you left it.


Damn! Apparently midnight is not eligible for download in the US(eastern) :frowning:


AudioKit Synth One is now available … and its free and it sounds amazing!


played with it only for a few minutes… seems really nice! I kinda regret spending money on Synthmaster One… different kind of synth, but it was probably an impulsive buy, oh well

btw, is anyone here using Digitakt + Beatmaker 3 combo? I made a thread about it but had no replies so far… wondering how stable it is, I would like to trigger stereo loops and/or very long samples with it (via DT’s MIDI tracks)… considering the ammount of banks/pads it could be a nice companion, with a single session