iPad Music Apps?


I thought the same thing and loled


Update: maschine mk3 does work with iOS as an interface, you need the CCK you can plug into a power source and you need to use a USB socket powerful enough for it to work. Otherwise you just get a message saying that it requires too much power. Unfortunately no midi mode standalone which is frustrating cause my dog just chewed up my Mac charger. “You’ll never use standalone away from a computer” they said :roll_eyes:


ApeMatrix is awesome, sort of like AUM except its a matrix mixer. Can get lost in this one:


Can you control external hardware with it?


Can you control external hardware with it?

Well its not really a controller (although you can host things like Rozetta in it) its an AU Host and IAA mixer… it will also mix external signals… so, kind of?


I was thinking if you could use the midi matrix to modulate external synth parameters.


ive got some mad setups in aum , but it falls over quite often … more than any hardware ive used.
but to replicate what its doing would be difficult and much more expensive.

currently running drums through vocoder with a nice chord progression , delays , distortion , wave folding , lfo’s running into stuff … ipad pro seems quick enough to run it but it’ll often completely reset the ipad.


Hi everyone,

I’ve been following this forum for over two years now but never had to say anything I considered relevant for the community, until today :wink:

Next to a Digitakt, I also own several other groove boxes from Korg, Yamaha and Roland, and I’m often trying to find the best-working combination of hardware and iPad/iOS apps for seamless and hassle-free music composition and jamming.

Some may already know the “Groove Rider GR-16” app, maybe the best implementation of a hardware groove box in iOS software.
Now that finally Midi Synchronisation to external hardware including fine-adjustment of latency correction has been added, I’d like to say that it works perfectly and in tight sync with my Digitakt, even over a wireless Bluetooth link (Quicco mi.1 on the Digitakt MIDI port).

This adds synthesis features and FX that complement the Digitakt very well, and I can get as tiny as I like - it’s even compatible with an iPhone.

Have fun!


Got a couple of great new granular apps today. Both quite different but both sound excellent and have nice UIs.

Tardigrain is the more musical of the two, based around a piano type interface. Have to confess I don’t fully know how to use it yet e.g. I have no idea if/how you can modify the modulation, but it sounds great. Also supports MPE which I look foreward to testing out. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/tardigrain/id1344470087?mt=8

SpaceCraft is the madder one of the two. It has a pretty crazy, slightly OP-1 esque GUI style and it totally mangles samples into amazing soundscapes, helped by a lovely sounding reverb built into it. Highly recommend this one if you’re into atmospheric stuff, it feels a bit like Samplr in that it totally feels at home on the iPad and wouldn’t make as much sense without multi touch etc. https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/spacecraft-granular-synth/id1391256308?mt=8

Also while on the topic of sample mangling, got to give a shout out to FieldScaper and SoundScaper. I don’t really know how to describe them. Both complexity mad and somewhat hard to understand, but both sound incredible and do the craziest things to sounds. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/fieldscaper/id1006624104?mt=8 https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/soundscaper/id945258583?mt=8

Feed my OT: best IPad apps

Shit, there’s just an overwhelming amount of awesome music apps out there! Jesus! Synthscaper, Soundscaper and SpaceCraft all sound amazing! I kind of hate touch display stuff, but it’s worth it for these sounds.


I’d say all those apps, and Samplr, really take advantage of the touch screen and wouldn’t really work in any other environment - so go for it!


Soundscaper is really nice but I still haven’t found an app that apart from granular treatment offers envelopes. I’d love to export some of those sounds as one shots.

Also, finally Elastic Drums and I clicked, it’s really cool…


ED is great, I love it when others realise too :joy:


What made it click for me was checking the presets my one of my fav acts, Swarm Intelligence.


I also have the Quicco, but I found that the square shape of the in and out kept it from attaching to the DT cleanly. Are you only using the out or did you find a way to make it fit?


Fair enough!
I think those presets came along with an update a while back.
It truly is an amazing app though and the iap is also recommended and economical when you hear the results!
I just love it so much!


That’s true, but I just plug it in anyway. You don’t have to push them into the MIDI ports forcibly, if they “hang out” by 1mm each, they still work flawlessly.
The best solution would probably be to just use coarse sanding paper and remove some material from each side where the Quiccos touch each other. The material is some kind of soft plastic and there’s enough space to remove about .8 to 1.0mm on each.
If you only need the MIDI OUT port, as you said, plugging the “OUT” block only is a working option.


Sugarbytes Turnado is Auv3 now
Quantum gets a great update.


Anyone knows what has happen to Zed synth? I can’t seem to access it in app store.


Hadn’t heard that. Great news. Hardly used it before but will try it again