iPad Music Apps?


iRig Keys I/O is probably the closest thing so far



Edited cause I’m an idiot.

Yah is nice.

Itd be nice like an AkaiMPK25 with on board Audio/MIDI io but in place of the pads a dock for the pad.

And to dream further the ability to flip it up ala Roland Boutique and MPE keyboard.



Wonder how well a Maschine MK3 would work with iOS as it’s meant to be class compliant.


There is a bit of a gap in the market for iPad specific hardware. I think more will come eventually. You could make a diy unit, get a little Roli keyboard and a small interface and design a case. Would be cool.

@karkwai I just tried to plug mine into my iPad and it said is required too much power, plugged the CCK3 into power and it started coming up as outputs, still couldn’t get it to work though. If I get it working I’ll let you know


is anyone here using multiple synth apps live, sequenced with gear?
I try to use only apps that recieve program change - so I can send PCh messages from my OT (and soon from my DT) to the apps… but I would like to use apps like Ripplemaker that don’t support these types of messages.
there’s 2 possibilities afaik:

  1. load patches manually. kind of a vibe killer live, tbh.
  2. load an entire AUM session with whatever patches I need (this in AU mode)

option 2 seems faster (specially if I have multiple synths that require a PCh) but the possibilty of sound crackles, loosing any type of midi connection, or any other possible problems make me uneasy…
also, if I route Digitakt into the iPad for processing, that would be a no-go (since I would loose audio input at least for a few seconds)

I really like the idea of a portable setup consisting of DT > iPad (both processing the DT - master LP/HP, maybe some looping for transitions - and also sequencing synths from DT), and maybe adding a controller - Launchcontrol XL + usb hub is an option… controlling DT with the iPad is also tempting (specially since I get feedback from the DT, but touchscreens for those kind of duties are not the best)


Can you have something else playing while you switch presets?


well… I’m not sure. I’m travelling in a few months and I’m really hoping for a DT/ipad setup only.
back at home I might use either DT+OT or DT+OT+iPad… or DT+OT+Shruthi, not sure!


although I’m thinking maybe I can throw Audiobus in the mix somehow but I would rather avoid it, AUM seems like the way to go… so in that case I should probably just work around the manual-loading option


Well I don’t know your music but I mean like sampled textures or transitional material? Just something going while you get ready to move on…



You can use MIDI LINK sync app with AUM to get LINK.
But the sync is not perfect here :flushed::cry:
Its a shame


Do you know what the Bluetooth product is by any chance. Had a quick google but no joy.


It’s a NanoKEY Studio. There’s some form of auto mapping when used with Gadget.


I meant the one connected to the mpd218 in the picture above with bm3 that JB posted



This one.


I believe it is a zivix puc+




Synthmaster One out.


wow, this sounds pretty good. nice filter env./character
is it just me or this sounds kinda Virus-ish?
maybe it’s just those first trancy patches that influenced me :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha before you edited and added the video link I thought you were calling yourself “synthmaster one” and doing a mic drop :cool::raised_back_of_hand::microphone: