iPad Music Apps?


Beatmaker 3 does a really great job of making instruments from oneshots


+1 to Beatmaker 3. I haven’t used it much tbh, but if you need it for that specific use, it’s the best option. plus you can sample, slice, apply fx to banks or pads, etc. quite easy


It’s probably just me, but BM3 interface is a mess. I don’t find it intuitive at all. Korg Gadget on the other hand, is awesome and very quick to work with.


I agree - that’s what kept me away from it. such a shame, it’s incredibly powerful.
I actually ended up buying Cubasis last week, since I wanted something I can multi track, and also write MIDI on a piano roll.
Korg Gadget is crazy fast - I don’t use it often now, but when I open it, I come up with tracks really quick.
The bad things: no MIDI out (probably the feature most asked for), individual step length per instrument… not much I can think of, actually. maybe beeing able toad multiple samples at once on Bilbao.
also, standard gadgets are, at least for me, quite limited. that would all be solved with MIDI out - or even better, AUv3 (wich I think is less likely)… combining Gadget with synths like Zeeon, Mood or Model 15 would be awesome

EDIT: oh, and another thing I would love: to be able to export drummachine’s tracks (on a single Gadget) as separate audio tracks


I agree that it’s not intuitive at all, took me a while to click with it but I find everything pretty fast now. There’s definitely a bit of sorting out to do on the UI but I’d still say it’s the best tool for that job on iOS that I’ve come across. From the sounds of things in an interview with the app dev I think they’re looking at a bit of an overhaul in the future. Also it’s coming out eventually as a full desktop DAW which could be interesting or awful


Unfortunately, I feel the same. I know it’s powerful. But when I start a track in it, I get a bit frustrated quite fast.
Not because it’s too complicated, but the interface is not really intuitive.
Prefer just using AUM and individual apps


There’s a cubasis video on creating sustaining tones from samples using the cubasis sampler, with crossfading loop points. Looks really straightforward but haven’t had a chance to really try it out myself yet.


Yes, definetely learn cubasis deep before looking elsewhere.

And be wary when buying apps, the costs can really pile up and some apps you just never use that much after the initial buzz has gone… so pick em wisely!


Truth. And no resale. I have tons of apps i never use. If i could turn back time i would have just gotten gadget with most of the iap’s (abu dhabi was a waste for me) and auria pro with all fabfilters and a couple other things. Audioshare and maybe a few fx apps to muck around with.
Model d and 15 and others sound phenomenal but since threy aren’t in gadget i rarely use them.


Abu Dhabi was indeed a waste


Abu Dhabi a waste?? But I made this gem on it!


I use abu dhabi for adding perx layers sometimes. Its not a super useful gadget for sure, but sometimes I find uses for it. I woulda been disappointed if I paid the full IAP price for it however…


LayR got a significant update recently. It’s a serious synth with truly vast potential, worth a look if you’ve never considered it before…



Is anyone using the iPad as their main DAW? I am thinking of finally updating my old iPad Mini this summer, and am thinking that an iPad Pro (the smaller one) and something like the AudioFuse could be a nice compact recording solution.


I want to, but I don’t have the juice. On my iPad Air 1 I can only run 2 or 3 apps tops. That limits me down to using only gadget and rendering the rest of my apps a terrific sounding waste


Yeah, my iPad is pretty old so there has been no point even considering it. Like you though, the one app I am enjoying is Gadget. No matter what, I plan on using that more to feed my Digitakt. I kind of don’t mind sticking that and maybe a couple of the Moog apps. I don’t do well when I have too many options.


Mitosynth is just too good to not get used…


Believe it or not - I’m having loads of fun with Gadget on the Nintendo Switch. Something about the ease and friendliness of Gadget, and the form factor / tactility of a portable game console with joystick and buttons makes it feel entirely different from serious production on computer and music gear, in a refreshing way. No export, which is inexcusable (I’m hoping they add this in an update), but at least it’s good as sample fodder and a quick sketchbook for ideas.


I’ve dipped my toes into using an iPad as a DAW, with Cubasis as a pure multi-track recorder (no MIDI sequencing, no mastering plugins). Just record audio. Works fine for that. The most glaring limitation at the moment is I have only a 2-input audio interface, so no simultaneous recordings of incoming audio from Octatrack, hardware synths, etc. into more than 2 separate tracks. Now that the Soundcraft Signature MTK line has been in production for a while, some peeps are reporting they work fine as 12+ input audio interface/mixers for iPad.

I plan to explore Xequence as a possible MIDI master sequencer, because it’s one of the few linear sequencers. Beatmaker 2 was great at linear sequencing - just hit record and it’d capture all incoming MIDI data without caring about pattern length or anything like that, which is a limitation of pattern sequencers.


damn was not even aware gadget was on switch. any chance of being able to transfer my in app purchases from my iphone gadget to the switch or would i have to buy again ?