iPad Music Apps?


There’s a lesser-known one called Baervaag that always looked cool to me, minimalistic interface… Haven’t used it personally but it might be worth a look.


I really like the interface KQ Dixie for FM


Hello good people. Always glad to see this thread kicking.

Thinking of going further with the iPad + OT for some real time FX / mangling / looping fun.

What are your FX recommendations? Good MIDI control preferred.

I already have:

Lo-fly Dirt

Can anyone comment on those Audio Damage apps / bundle? Or, can anyone comment on why I would want Elastic FX if I have Turnado?



The audio damage stuff is a must have. All top notch.


Thanks for all the FM replies people :thup:


Take a look at effectrix from Sugarbytes.
That could make a great addition for your setup and has a different concept than turnado.


I’m looking to add a wavetable synth to my iOS collection. I’m sure there’s been a few mentioned in the thread but it’s gotten pretty massive and I assumed a new thread would get merged here so: Nave? PPG? I want the app that packs the most punch in weird tones. I’m trying to spend my hardware budget on analog stuff and have my iPad Pro cover my digital synth needs aside from VSTs.


Just got Korg Gadget. now that’s a fun one


Korg Gadget is AMAZING! It’s all the CPU my iPad can afford- but oh! How it can afford it! Korg really knocked it out of the park with that one!


Love sequencing on gadget. And it sounds great. Bilbao is a must. Once you get your favorite drum samples in it’s perfect.


Animoog is an excellent wave-table synth with all the facilities of a subtractive synth to boot: fully customizable 8x16 wave-table, Moog filter, plenty of modulation, 4 voice polyphony, multi-touch and MPE support, overdrive, bucket-brigade style delay, bitcrusher, etc.

I use it live onstage as the sound engine for my LinnStrument… It’s a serious synth by any standards. It’s expensive and fairly CPU intensive, but it sounds fantastic, it’s super flexible, and above all else, it’s reliable.



Yeah all audio damage apps are great!
Eos and dubstation are my go to reverb and delay.
Replicant is fun.
I’m not sure what elastic fx adds to turnado.
Did not try it yet


Let me add the PPG Infinite to your list, which is a very flexible wavetable synth.

I would say, check out, how you want to use your wavetable synth. IMO most Waldorf or PPG synths sound great, generally speaking. But there are differences in the details. If you buy the iOS apps it’s not breaking the bank, if you get more than one App.

I run Nave and PPG Infinite on iOS and like them both.


PPG Infinite is the one you want. Its the latest incarnation of wave table synthesis, straight from the original wavetable synth designer himself. Unlike trad. wavetable synths, PPG is also capable of more dissonant sounds. Highly recommended!


Bilbao and Vancouver both! Drums and melodic samples sorted.

Lately I’ve been digging the Vancouver alot… you can do loop point modulation with it (think GRANULAR) :nyan:


Good info. Thanks.

Are they heavy on the CPU?



I am new to the world of ios having swapped out a laptop for an ipad pro.

I have bought cubasis, blocs wave (pro collection), audio share and audiobus 3. (This stuff soon mounts up!)

I am looking for an app that will allow me to create polyphonic instruments from 1 shot samples so that I can sequence them using my digitakt. (bass, leads etc).

Is there a cheaper alternative to Korg Gadget+Vancouver? or should I just go for it. After all I am resisting the temptation to buy a hardware device for instance a used A4 mk 1.



I’m playing with SynthScaper right now if you were to take the time to learn it it’d serve you well for creating sample based synth stuff, another option for building a synth sound around a sample would be Nave.


Groove Rider GR-16, great Electribe 2/Sampler clone.


Beatmaker 3 does a really great job of making instruments from oneshots