iPad Music Apps?


Never heard of it either. Apparently everyone in my town likes selling shoes, old furniture, and iPhones.

And an SNES Classic for $110.



end of day, I’d just want it to feed one app at a time to my OT for sample fodder, and then track a stereo mix into the ipad or use the ipad as a field recorder to mangle in samplr/tardigrain and spit back into the OT. So I’d never run more than one app simultaneously into the OT. I cancelled the purchase for the 4th gen since everyone seems pretty on the fence about it being functional for me.

ipad air 2 is what I’ll look at in the bargain range


4th gen would pretty much work for that specific purpose, except for not being able to run some of the newer big synths. There’s still tons you can do, samplr runs fine, haven’t got tardigrain but pretty sure it works. If you know specifically what you want to do with it and don’t care about expanding into potential “other use”, bigger apps etc, and want to go with cheapest possible, then yea it might actually work out for you.


I’m glad we had this discussion. Made me bargain Hunt a bit more. Found some iPad air 2’s at 190 at local pawn shops. I love you all! :sunglasses::sunglasses:


It’s better than my iPad- so I fully approve!

I recommend MitoSynth, Animoog and Gadget(while on sale) starting out very powerful apps right there. Also, the humble bundle is a lot of fun and fulfilling play (e-l-s-a sounds SO GOOD!)


The 250 iPad was a rumour for the latest one because it’s aimed at education. The price didn’t happen but it was bit cheaper with extra cloud storage and pen

There won’t be a 250 iPad in next few months. Next will be an updated pro, probably last quarter


I’m loving Groove Rider GR-16! It recently added MIDI OUT so its super versatile.
Gadget is solid too, but Groove Rider could be a live performance tool.


Got the iPad air 2 for 190 just now. Time to glitch the hell out now onto the OT


Groove Rider is all I hoped the Electribe would be, and more!



Made this between last night and today at lunch. Using 5 banks in Beatmaker 3, one instance of Tardigrain. And Lofly on the Master Channel.

Im loving the creations on here, it makes me want to couple this with my Digitakt more than my Octatrack now, I don’t know why heh


For some time I’ve wanted to check out the iPad as a music making device and the cheaper new iPads looked attractive. Picked one up a few days ago and immediately downloaded all of the Moog apps plus Collider and Tardigrain plus the Audio Damage suit. I also got AUM as my mixer app, and at the moment I’m sequencing all of the apps with my Digitakt via the camera connection kit. Output is from headphone out into pre amp.
I have to say the quality is fantastic. Easily as good as any good quality VST I’ve used. The Model D is an absolute monster as is Model 15.
I use these apps as if they were hardware and you get a lot for your money. Very pleased. Definitely keeping it as a part of my setup.


I agree, I liked it so much I started looking into the Electribe as a hardware cementing of the coolness that is GrooveRider… but then I realized… I’d need the Electribe and the Electribe Sample to do what GrooveRider already does in one! That’s just nutz.


I have to praise Elastic Drums once more, after spending some more hours with it on it’s own.
It’s so great for experimental sounds and patterns. And I love the workflow too. Automating everything.
And not only for drums, the synth engines for bass, drone and physical modelling are also really great. Top App, better than any drum synth I used on my Mac.
The performance features, fx, and randomization functions are top as well


The bottom section of the jam page is worth the price of admission alone.

That and an OT midi track? gtfo.


If you have a Digitone and an Ipad I can recommend Rozeta by Bram Bros. Its a collection of interesting midi apps that when launched in AUM can sequence the Digitone. You need to connect the Digitone to your Ipad and make sure the midi-routings are o.k in AUM’s master settings. Today I was using midi from the Ipad to sequence the Digitone and then Digitone’s keyboard to play the Model D on the Ipad into the Digitone’s inputs (reverb etc) - at the same time. Pretty cool.


Best FM apps anyone?


I have been having fun with the app Concentric, sending poly-rhythmic sequences to the 4 tracks on the Digitone


As fm polysynth I only own Bram bos Phasemaker, it is very nice. With a great randomize patch feature (mutate).
Ruismaker fm for drums.
Elastic drums can do nice fm drums, fx, noises.
Fm4 seems to be popular, but it hasn’t been update for a while


KQ Dixie is nice, can import DX7 patches!