iPad Music Apps?


Xequence added a new generative function called PolyHymnia.

Let me know if you figured out how to use Xequence. In theory, it looks promising as a linear MIDI sequencer. I’m having a hard time learning how to use it though - I guess I’m spoiled by Korg sequencers and SunVox.


Do most of these apps function well with a iPad 4th gen? I believe that’s the iPad air 2. I’m getting one used today for the sole reason of running iPad music/synth/recording apps.

I’d love to use Borderlands, Samplr and Tardigrain to feed into my Octatrack. After sequencing and mixing on the OT then recording the final bounce into the iPad. If possible.


If it’s really an iPad 4th gen and not an Air 2 (very different tablets) then you will probably be able to run one app at a time no sweat, but stacking and fx and stuff will bring it to its knees. You should be alright with Samplr for sure tho!


yea I believe its 4th gen, and when you say stack FX, that’s when you run multiple apps via (forgot the name of the app that looks like a mixer and shows various apps running per track?)


Yeah, AUM is the mixer ur thinking of and for example my iPad mini 4 can stack a good amount of fx on a synth app, but starts cracklings and randomly closing apps after too many (depends on fx)

As a sample source you should b alright for a while with that one, but it’ll crumble under any larger tasks.


How do you think it would fare as a field recorder/2 track recorder for Octatrack beats?

If it’s too heavy for a 4th gen then I’ll look on offer up for something better like a mini 4


How much are you getting it for? New iPads are now 350usd…


I have an iPad 4th gen and it is NOT the same as the Airs.
It can handle most apps I’ve tried OK, but running multiple music apps at a time starts to bog it down pretty fast. It really depends on the specific apps though. Sometimes can get away with 2 or 3.

Also be aware that after they released the 4th gen, they came out with the 4th gen MINI, which was the crossover point to a new type of processor. Gradually, and even more recently, there have been an increasing number of music apps that require at least the 4th gen MINI or higher, thus excluding the 4th gen standard.

Also a few requiring iOS 11+, and the 4th gen standard is maxed at 10, can’t upgrade to 11.

There is still a lot you can do with it in the music app world but you’ll notice the limitations mentioned above pretty fast. If at all possible, I would recommend going for something newer.

Oh and for field recording, it should be able to handle direct recording just fine but I wonder if it would be better to just get a portable recorder. With the iPad you’d need to either use its microphone or get some kind of attachment recorder, or use an audio interface… seems like more hassle than it’s worth when there are easier options.

ALSO!!! - @xidnpnlss mentioned that newer iPads at $350 USD (actually $329 if I remember right) - BUT, I just read something the other day that the next gen iPads are going to be $250, so it might be worth waiting to see how that plays out (EDIT to clarify for anyone else stumbling through this - Most recent iPad was just last month, March 2018 at $329, so this rumor of new $250 iPads definitely won’t be for at least many months, if at all).


Funny cause I saw that too and went looking (couldn’t believe it) but found on their website 350. Though that’ll always change…


I imagine the $250 version is something set for a few months down the road maybe ? I dunno, didn’t look into specific details. I got my fiancee the rose gold $329 one for Christmas so I was on there fairly recently, looks like the same stuff still on there now so I don’t think those are the “new” ones, even though it says new on there… confusing enough? :slight_smile:


Ah. You’re probably right.

Man. 250 is nuts.


yea I know, I can only assume it’s to try and compete with Amazon’s cheap tablets or something. Even though they don’t really compare… I got the $50 one to have something super cheap I wouldn’t mind getting lost/stolen… the iPad is so much better…


Just doing some more digging, looks like the $329 iPad on there now actually is new as of March 2018. Looks like the same exact thing that was on there in late 2017 but with some extra internal features I guess. So any possibility of a “new” $250 iPad probably won’t be for many months (if it happens at all!)


The 4th gen at 125. There’s also someone on offer up with a 64gb iPad air 2 with case for 260 but I may barter to a cheaper price. Probably nothing less than 200 I’ll assume.


Unfortunately, a lot of the newer apps discussed run only on IOS 11, and IOS 11 only runs on 64-bit iPads.

I have a 4th gen iPad - it won’t run the 64-bit IOS. It’s one of the reasons I bought a 64-bit iPad.

SunVox might run on your iPad. The dev is a genius - he’s made it run on all the popular OS’s (IOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS, etc.) and he’s kept it lightweight.


Well I was hunting on OfferUp. So I haven’t purchased one yet


Never heard of that site. Thanks for mentioning it(I’m going to end up buying the iPad you were otherwise going to get :smiley: )


Yeah I don’t know. If it were me, knowing what I know now about iPad music apps, I would seriously weigh that 130usd difference against longevity and power (unsure if so different).

But if it’s strictly as sample fodder and not intended to make tracks with then you should be fine.



Lolol u got me!


I 2nd this. I have an iPad Air 1- and the notion of creating full tracks on the iPad is more enticing than it seems on the outside. I can only run 2 maybe 3 apps on my iPad(so as far as full tracks go, I have to go with Gadget)(which is a shame because there are some truly powerful apps on the iPad)