Inward - Be brave little man

Hi people,

It’s the first time I’m posting one of my songs. I’ve been hoarding them to myself and some good friends. After uploading some samples for the rytm people on this forum I have decided to post what I have done with the sample source. I feel that it’s time to know what fellow music making people thing of the things I make so I would like some feedback. I have more but am only willing to share this for now. please listen and share if you like.


Hi Inward,

Thanks for your upload. Nice composition, mood and it’s incredible how much is happening in there. Did you load the samples into AR and played them from there?


Thanks for the feedback man. I didn’t use a Rytm, its a tip top riot module driving a hexinverter mutant machine,bd 808 and dinky taiko. All the crazy digital sounds come from modulating the dinky taiko. I recorded samples from it btw. Check out the thread below.

Sounds Great bud…I really dig the 2nd half where the rhythm starts to pick up…Looking forward to hear more of your music

-Lampeo :slight_smile:

Thanks man I’m pleased to know you like it!

I like it. Even more when i understand that it is done with a modular. Why? Because it doesn’t sound like the usual nerdy boring jam. Good job.

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Thanks man, but it’s not entirely done on modular :). Basically the drumparts are modular consisting out of 2 jams. The first part and second part of the song. There is also some editing in a DAW and most of the arrangement is done in the DAW also. That said I have been using gear for only 7 months so I’m not at the point where I can plan out an entire song on my gear and make it work like I want to. I’m also not really into making basic 4 to the floor music(not that there is anything wrong with that) so that doesn’t make it any easier. Mostly I focus on one piece of gear at the time and record that(after ofcourse jamming a little with everything together). Often after recording some stuff I feel that there is still stuff missing and I’ll records new stuff. In the end the end result is what is important to me, less the jamming part. Maybe one day they can be both, but right now I’m happy with my workflow. I have been more productive then I ever was using just a DAW. And that’s why I bought all this stuff, completely freaking my girlfriend out financially speaking. Anyway sorry for the long and tedious explanation of my workprocess. I’m glad to get some love from the people here for what I’ doing.