Introducing Syntakt

Yes you can. It’s in the settings menu, as stated in the manual…

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Did a search, but couldn’t find the specific info: Is it correct that all the rytm machines are included in the syntakt, except the tom machines? I’m considering a switch.

Yes indeed, in terms of sound generators only toms are missing.
And sample playback.

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stuff i do relies on toms heavily, so i invented pretty easy fix for that :tongue:


There is a External in Stereo/Mono option indeed, but unfortunately no individual settings for level, pan, fx send like on the DT.


Both toms are BD CLASSIC (LFO 2->Tune). Kick is BD HARD.


changing the keyboard notes scales is a great addition to syntakt, but there is no way to changes scales to a pattern already written, right? Minilogue xd can do this

To my ears, without the filter, the tone machine sounds identical to the cycles, I have even recreated many of my model cycles presets exactly on the syntakt. The syntakt is definitely more shapeable because of the additional filtering and adsr, but it is the same core sound generation algorithm as the cycles.


Right, and no transpose, apart per octave. You can use Control All to change tune though.

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You could also copy to a new Pattern and change the TUN.

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Do I need an audio driver to use Syntakt as main audio interface for Ableton?
Syntakt works as audio interface for my windows 11 laptop, but when i try to set it on Ableton it doesn’t work.
If i set Asio4all driver on Ableton, than Syntakt works.
Of course I’m talking about not using overbridge.

PS: My laptop is new gen. intel 12th.

Make su you change the USB config to USB audio/midi in syntakt’s settings. It then becomes a class compliant audio interface that you can select in Ableton

Ehy Dave those are my settings

If I Select Syntakt as Device on Ableton I receive that error message

Untitled - Ableton Live 9 Standard 18_09_2022 13_12_48
Am I Missing something?
The only thing i have installed on my pc is the overbrige software, wich works ok by the way

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Hmm, latest firmware installed on syntakt? Tried to reboot both pc an syntakt (remove USB cable)

What you’re showing here is probably selecting syntakt as OB audio interface. Hence the error since it’s not in OB mode. It’s strange though that it doesn’t show the class compliant version.

Overbridge works in addition to your normal audio interface, I have never tried to use an Elektron box as my main IO, I would image if that worked as a normal IO then you don’t use/select Overbridge at all.

The grass is always greener.

I’m considering keeping the Syntakt with my OT and DN simply until I can afford another A4.

Otherwise, I’ll be deciding within a day if I’m returning it or not to just save up.

Yeah, I’m over it. It’s like the book the “Alchemist” (finding the treasure where you are; sorry if that’s a spoiler for anyone lol). I have always lusted over the “one box” but in recent years done a pretty good job sticking with what I have. Thanks for the input!


Finding nice tracks with the gear you have that others have made is always the inspiration I need in order to find the creativity.


My offer on Reverb just got accepted, so it looks like I’ll be joining you freaks soon enough :slight_smile:

I’m starting an improv project with a violinist and I’m finding using my eurorack, Octatrack, EssenceFM and Oxi One combo to be a bit unweildy. The setup takes to long for club gigs. So I’m hoping the OT/Syntakt combo might be a bit more manageable. OT for sampling/looping/mangling the violin and as a performance mixer. The Syntakt (hopefully) will handle synth/percussion duties. Worth a shot, at least! I found the Model:Cycles pretty easy to improvise on, so…


Spent a few hours with the Syntakt today/tonight. Much to learn, but it seems kinda cool so far :slight_smile: