Introducing Syntakt

Are the modifier like fancy fills?

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So I am dumb and watched the video quickly, but are the 4 modifier tracks essentially like have 4 fill buttons with way more you can do with them?

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happy days

In-depth breakdown of machines in Appendix A of the manual, or brief overview of types of machines listed in the specs at the bottom of product page on Electrons website.

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One thing the leaks did not… leak… was the variety and capability of the synth machines. This thing can do so so much.

And yea there is no sample layer, but I don’t think that’s a con. Also the 12 tracks have me doing things with it that I only ever did with MD: thoughtful layering of sounds. I have a couple EPs just about finished with what I’ve been making on the Syntakt, and never did I feel limited. In fact, not once did I even use all 12 tracks.

No other box has given me such instant, usable results, in such a short amount of time.

It’s fine by itself, but paired with another Elektron and you really don’t need anything else.

The trig modifiers and scale/kb mode… these things are serious icing on the cake. And I can run it right into my Octatrack, no need for heat. It’s got just enough built right into the analog FX track. (I also love that analog HPF as a bass bump)


I have not read the manual yet but from the presentation video they seem to work like the scenes in the Analog Rytm, am I on the right track?

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I’ve not used the M:C - so it can only play set chords? You can’t just play it through the keyboard?

That was my main gripe about the Digitakt - having to use three tracks and faff around to play a simple triad was kind of irritating.

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It does. Manual:

“Setting HOLD to NOTE means the hold phase will be
determined by Note On and Note Off events.”

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Audio went out of headphone hack into a Behringer uca-202, recorded on IPhone 13 Pro.

Uploaded straight to YouTube. No editing or processing whatsoever.


Thanks for your description. Is the tracking/tuning of the dual vco as on the rytm or is the octave range extended?

2 per track and 2 for FX.


No, actually not at all. Something with actually good FX, more inputs/outputs, faders, etc. A beefed up Bluebox with physical knobs and sliders.

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Now we’re cooking with gas.

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scales on MIDI tracks, check - but currently not possible to utilise the scale corrected view in grid edit - but you are all good for normal p-locking and live input

No dice with retrig tho !

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Syntakt = isn’t it the guts of an Analog Rytm Mk2 in a Digitakt form factor???

got one in my shopping cart already to go, but as I own an AR and A4 then can’t see the difference here?

Syntakt offers CTRL-AL.
And the AFX track makes it possible to plock the Drive, Delay + Reverb, as well as the AFX track AMP envelope and analog Filter, plus offers 2 LFOs.

Delay+Reverb can be pre or post AFX bus.


and for completeness, one per midi track

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With some extra digital machines and some routing shenanigans, scales, probably more.

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My main keyboard is a FANTOM-06 (augmented with a Novation Peak) and I’ve been enjoying developing my playing skills and sequencing on it. I’m thinking of adding a Syntakt to not only add textures to the FANTOM but also use the MIDI tracks to sequence the FANTOM. If I set CH.LEN/M.LEN to 1, could I send out a trigger and change patterns from the FANTOM on the fly?

@AdamJay, could the Syntakt be used for ambient/chillout? The demos I’ve seen so far (like yours) have been techno/electro-oriented.
(For reference, here are my tracks: