Introducing Nopia

The device looks like a 3D version of what midjourney thinks a synth looks like. It seems strange and creepy to me, its in the uncanny valley lol.


Thank you!
I’m glad you liked my music :slight_smile:

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Woh, thanks for flagging - this is right up my alley and I was tempted to get a preorder in, I would have been an easy mark!

Good luck with the project :muscle:

Hoping no one was taken in by the scammer. It got caught in a day, but looking back, i ( we ) should have spotted something awry right away.

Just so it is clear to everyone , 'cuz i was confused for a moment – Nopia is a real prototype. That pre-order site was a scam in this thread.


It’s actually an important distinction…

I had double check which part was fake, to better understand.

Product real.

now removed link to preorder was fake.

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Anyone heard anything yet?

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for some reasons, i see some resemblance (makes me think of) with this one here, they would probably fit well together: Vongon Replay 6-voice Synthesizer

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Lol Great Minds. I thought exactly the same thing. :slight_smile:

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I looked at their site a month or two back and concluded they were working on it.

Are they in Argentina ? That might create some challenges given the economy there.

A lot of respect for them though.

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Graphic designer looking ass synth

HAHA fuck

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Sort of an update! Looks like they’re going all in on standalone. Or teasing it at least.

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Looks and sounds nice. I am interested. But I think it would be a struggle to use or learn those chord modes if you don’t know much music theory. An LED screen would help if it showed the modes you are currently in.

A good goal for product developers is “no screen needed”. With musical products especially, it’s primarily about what you hear, not what you see. Some things cross the line, and then having a screen is better.

I don’t see a real priority so far for a screen for this product. Mentioned in the video is including information on the tops of the keys for chords with notes outside the scale – for chromatic mediant motion and that sort of thing. Easy enough to see these other notes on an external screen or in documentation, for studying with your eyes when desired. Otherwise you use your ears, and learn the sound, the tensions, resolutions, and motion.

Aside : I just posted a video for a developer who set a “no screen rule”. The Wiggler is a product that has some similarity with Nopia with an arpeggiator mode and what i think is a custom scale option.

Another Aside : An aspect of Nopia that is available in other products is the single key press chord change and selection. For instance the Korg Keystage has 32 “chord sets” that can also be customized. I have a link to detailed documentation of those chord sets in this post. My opinion, the Keystage, might have been better, with fewer chord sets, if it had a “chord complexity knob” like on the Nopia. By the way no screen for these single key press chords on the Keystage either. The Keystage has other offsetting advantages though.

Another thought : An advanced feature that could show up in a final Nopia product, and something i would favor is a streamlined approach involved with key change within your music. There are several ways key change is approached musically, and this is often left on the periphery of these “chordal instruments”. It might be a nice improvement.


I can see this Modal Harmony(or Disharmony) as a great entry into Jazz compostions.

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6 Million views on Youtube!!

Seems to be hitting the right note.

Are YouTube views the key to success though?

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It defines everything all at once.

Im not sure. Its 6 million on the first but drops dramatically the next 2 updates. So seems weird.