Introducing Model:Samples


They offer more resistance, which makes sense given the immediacy of the instrument. You’re more inclined to be just all over the place with the Model:Samples, and you don’t want to accidentally nudge a knob just because you’re on a roll.

Overall, it’s made with different materials but feels quite durable. I’m carrying mine around between desks, backpacks and locations and so far, it’s holding up without a dent.


Really, all I want for Christmas is a synth version of this now. FM, subtractive, VA, don’t care. This is the Electribe reborn in the Elektron labs.

Even cooler if there’s a keyboard interpretation of this concept.


Thanks for the heads up, hopefully the battery grip comes out for the summer :sunglasses:


One would hope :slight_smile:


Yeah, I hear that. Call me boring or old-fashioned (cold-fashioned!), but I’d be all over a “Model:Analog” even it if were a mono voice. I can see Elektron having enough features broken out into the knob interface to make it versatile and a lot of fun.


I actually wouldn’t want a Model:Synth in any iteration unless it had features at least on par with the Digitone. I feel that the Digitone could benefit greatly from a few additional features that we’ve gotten used to not having with the Digitakt. “Parameter slides,” additional modulation envelopes/LFOs, and legato might not be crucial to a sampler or drum machine, but they make a huge difference with Elektron’s synths imo.

I’d think that a Model:Synth would end up having even less features than the Digitone; like only one LFO, shared envelope, etc… I’d have to pass on something like that, but I’m sure there would be a market for it. I’m still hoping for some additional features for the Digitone currently.


Totally agree with you.

I don’t think the Model:Samples is a stripped down version of anything.

Granted, leaving features out means that if things such as time stretch, sampling or proper envelopes are critical to you, then yes, this is not for you.

But I’d say that defining a kit by listing its features, always sells it short. It’s how you play it and where it takes you, that defines it. Then, features are there to support that journey to its greatest potential.


Highly likely.

It’d be a risky move for sure, from Elektron’s side.

And I’d buy front row tickets to watch it happen :slight_smile:


Do you have any other Elektron Devices?
In my opinion everything has been stripped down more and more since Octatrack… The Analogs have a lot going on though. I thought the digi’s were over simplified at first but now they seem complex. MS seems like a slight sliver of and Octatrack…

This is not meant to be rude or offensive or whatever, just Elektron used to make a completely different type of devices. Some people might prefer that and that’s OK, but definitely more things get removed with each device line, as in each older line has mostly everything in the newer line plus more, objectively speaking…


No worries, totally legit point.

I’ve been on the Octatrack since 2014, and still use it. I owned a Rytm MKI for about a year, and have played and used an Analog Keys on and off. I’ve dabbled with the Takt too, but never got into the Tone.


“Stripped down” seems a little rude for gearheadz, we can get emotional about our preferred gear :grin:. I can see how less stuff makes you focus on what’s there, be more immediate with less distractions, and be a good thing for some. And every new line does have some nice little new nugget that the older ones have. I’m just a big box fan, but each person has they’re own preferences and I don’t think any one is better than another.


All true, mate👍


Anybody used the M:S with an SP-404 yet?