Introducing Model:Samples


The factory content? That’s made by Splice, so perhaps they have some packs that are similar.

If you’re talking about the default kit, I made that - I guess you can have it for the DT if you want.

Model:samples factory sounds

Awesome! I’ll take a look around Splice and see what I can find (it’s been a minute since I’ve used their site).

And very generous of you to offer up the default kit. I built one in my Digitakt that sounds pretty similar, so no need on my end, but there might be other people who’d get use out of it :mage:


Yes I’d love to have the default kit for my octatrack as well! How could I get this? Thank you in advance if this is possible!


Sure, here you go


Is there a Roadmap for the Model Samples posted somewhere, if so please post the link



If you mean a development roadmap for feature and improvement of the machine. Elektron does not make those public.


yes that’s exactly what I meant. I understand not revealing new ideas but when it comes to knowing whether features like independent muting, etc… would be implemented on the Model Samples I’d like to think that they would see the value in giving the users peace of mind through sharing what bread and butter needs would be implemented in an upcoming update.


That’s not how Elektron works.
That value can quickly be erased by delaying (or worse, not delivering) on a promised feature.

And, from a forum community perspective, I think it is actually better this way. Otherwise you get a lot of posts about “when? When? WHEN???”, and they compound quickly and bring the overall tone of the forum down.


I can’t really think of any company that publicly publishes roadmaps like that. Sometimes a company will pre-announce a feature (or bug fix) - especially if the lack of it is perceived as a deal-breaker, or it’s regarded as a significant catch-up or advantage over competitors.

For instance, Elektron have announced the battery carry handle thing for the M:S. They probably only did this because the port for it is there for everyone to see. But they haven’t released any spec or pictures of it, because things could change. I’m sure they learned from the Overbridge situation.

Apple made the mistake of announcing a wireless charging case for their AirPods back in September 2017. There’s still no sign of it. They probably would have been better not saying anything until it was ready for release.

I think the general consensus in the industry is that commiting to things that you don’t know for sure you can deliver isn’t a good idea. A reputation for vapourware is much worse than one for secrecy.


I agree with you guys in principle I just think that when it comes to the bread and butter features/ needs of the community that it could be very helpful, for example ‘muting’ I would think they already know whether it’s going to be implemented in the future or not and something as seemingly tiny as that could make the difference for a lot of people wondering if they need to get the digitakt or the model samples because there is so much overlap. I imagine that someone who goes with the digitakt just for that feature but who really wanted the model samples for the clock divide feature that the digitakt doesn’t have would be upset if the model samples was updated with that feature after they had already purchased the digitakt… might end up having to purchase both machines etc… I would look at elektron as providing good customer service for saving me from having to go through something like that, and with the whole line up having so much overlap it’s almost certain that these issues come up often.

now when it comes to groundbreaking features, or innovations they don’t want stolen by competitors, or just far fetched and far reaching feature request from users I can totally agree and see how announcing every little thing could cause issues, but letting the base know that muting is coming to the model samples in the future would allow a user to go ahead and make the right purchase for their needs , usage, and pocket book, at least I’m the type of user that would appreciate that from a company I respect and use.


You can mute the sequencer data for any track.

  1. Make sure a pattern is playing.
  2. Press the [FUNC] + [T1–6] to mute and unmute the corresponding tracks.
    • The tracks are muted globally. If you mute a track, it is still muted if you change to another
    • A muted track is displayed in the screen with a greyed out volume bar.


Yep, works (similarly to Digis).


my apologies that’s not what I meant, I was referring to independent mute settings per pattern.


Have Elektron ever added significant features to equipment via firmware updates? Or are they just bug fixes?

I know Novation added major features to the Bass Station II (like Paraphonic mode and microtuning), but have Elektron done anything like that before on any other device?


A compressor to the Digitakt springs to mind, even though Cenk hinted at it in a very early video. They also added a VCO machine to AR. There’s probably more I can’t recall this quickly. Sample locks being added to the M:S is not very likely I think. But who knows.


Yes. The MD, MM, OT, AF, AR, and DT have all had significant new features added after their initial launch. For the DN and the M:S it’s a little too soon for them to have seen major firmware improvements.


I think the DT has caught up with where it should have been at release, the compessor was a missing feature to anyone who had been paying attention during pre release.


how regular are the firmware updates on Elektron gear?


it’s hard to tell. given time the larger boxes got tonnes of updates and new features. I wouldn’t hold out for much on the MS apart from the battery pack tho, given its entry level stature.

you never know but I’d doubt there’ll be much added. maybe some new stickers :smile:


What do the rotaries feel like on the model samples compared to the new ones on the DT? Really considering grabbing one this week but a bit concerend about the unit being plastic.