Introducing Model:Samples


I’m of the opinion that this is a very cool little box. Sure some feature trade-offs might be nice, some of them would be welcome in the other boxes, etc. etc. yada yada. The fact remains, that it seems quite capable for such a low price. I think I may pick one up. For me though, I wouldn’t be heavily integrating it into my larger setup. It would be more for use on its own in other contexts.


he’s not afraid to mention things that irk him about elektron units or that he wishes would be added as features. gotta love his honesty. a good and welcome trait indeed. :slight_smile:


But clearly not enough for his liking :cry:


Another possible explanation for his pause…
Have you ever been to NAMM? I have many times. It’s utter chaos all around you. Just a barrage of different loud noises and loud sales pitches. I’ve went as a product demonstrator for companies I’ve endorsed and I can’t say I ever really enjoyed it. It’s fun for a minute then quickly turns into a total grind.
All that to say, it’s possible Cenk got distracted, or waited until a background sound died off before moving on.
Just a thought :slight_smile:


I honestly don’t think there’s some sinister rigid market overlap scheme at play here. I know a lot of people think that way. Neither side can say what the case really is. If you ask me though, it’s a question of timing, resources, and some of that may or may not align with any particular customer, fan, employee, etc. I don’t think adding a few sought after features to this little box is intended as a jab to owners of the other boxes. I don’t think it’s meant to make everyone buy every box either. (though I’m sure that wouldn’t be frowned upon by Elektron :smiley: ) It just happened to be how things shook out, and it’s of course quite possible that since the code has been implemented again, it could even be easier to add to other boxes now. I’m sure between the gigantic push for Overbridge, putting out some new hardware to keep things fresh, that adding new features to the already nicely featured lineup has taken a back seat for the moment. I’d be willing to guess that we’ll see bigger updates again after Overbridge is nice and stabilized, the M:S is properly shipping, etc.


I actually thought he was going to say “And Digitakt and RYTM will be getting it” but caught himself just in time. Maybe wishful thinking :slight_smile:


Agreed! That’s so awesome that he never comes off as a shill


Not sure how you inferred all that from my statement, I have no concern on Elektron’s business decisions.
Merely a joke about Cenk and his longings.
Alle ist gut


A4/Ak would benefit so much from it. Long Chord progressions are always a nightmare to add if they aren’t the first thing you sequence in a pattern… I often give up and end up just overdubbing them itb…


It wasn’t a direct response to just your statement. Your statement kicked off the thought process that led to the response to other recent posts in this thread. The Cenk-hesitation as I’ll hereby refer to it as coincided with all that. :smiley:


I would love per track scaling for the Digitone! I can only hope.


No worries, it was the reply mechanics on the forum.


I just see that being mentioned a lot.
C’mon it’s not that hard to setup & use working midi connection.
And suddenly you get all the control you want.
Can even have 2 knobs per function If it’s your thing :slight_smile:

Yeah I see a better alternative - DT together with midi controller.
and I think i wouldn’t buy M:S I’d rather have another DT


Swimming against the tide here - but the more I see the more I sense this isn’t a stripped down this or lesser because it’s cheaper - it’s got a focus and purpose that makes it far more appealing than a DT would to me - you can’t have objective dismissals on subjective matters - probably more conducive to reliable spontaneous creativity than an OT imho - anyway, this narrative about it being lesser is missing the point, less can be more - I’d have it over a DT and not just because I favour 1x16 Trig arrangement - this is a tidy focussed machine with a serious sequencer - I expect the negative first impressions will slowly shift when it hits the stores and the videos emerge - exciting to imagine where the Model line goes next


If I were making a choice between the M:S and DT, of course I’d pick the DT.

I have a DT though, and still kind of want the M:S for other purposes.

However, I absolutely hate separate control interfaces. If the device doesn’t have a set of controls that I find usable (and the DT does all by itself for me) then I just won’t use it. It may just be a weird mental thing on my part, but I just feel I have to like each device on its own, and then it can be integrated into my setup. However, I don’t like controlling one device with another beyond audio processing or sending clock or transport controls. It just doesn’t flow for me beyond that.

I also don’t like spending extra time setting things up (and maintaining that setup or updating it for new additions.) That takes away inspiration and creativity for me. I like to sit down and start playing, and also be able to pull one device and continue using it the same way away from the full setup. Additional controllers just get in the way of all that for me.

Of course I’m sure many people don’t have that mental condition like I do. :smiley:


Yep, totally get your reasoning. I’ve used just a DT and midi controller (nothing else) to do intro music, atmospheric crap, etc, with a rock band I did some gigs with. Worked perfectly. I only sold my DT because for my leanings, the OT is just way more fun and versatile.
I still think the M:S looks rad for what it is :slight_smile:


Yeah that video did a lot for showing how this is more it’s own thing than just a weaker DT. Looks pretty fun.

Sample transfer method, lack of cv/gate, shared sample/sequencer tracks and price are only real negatives for me on this. Possibly grab a used one at some point though.


THIS! I could see a fun live setup being an OT an M:S and another streamlined box. Have a couple fun, straight ahead boxes and let the OT do the heavy lifting on the crazy stuff


Ok so why are Electron saying this is beginners machine at NAMM and none of the usual Elecktron heavyweights demoed it at NAMM. That said I’ve ordered one out of curiosity but are worried about the zero feedback from Cenk on this machine.


Edit: Sorry, did not see this posted some comments farther up.

Here’s some feedback.

I’m sure it will appeal to a lot of people but it convinced me I will never pick this up, even used.