Introducing Elmyra - a DIY drone synthesizer inspired by the Lyra-8


This is just a quick demo of my Elmyra prototype. You can easily build this synth yourself. I will share the schematics, PCB and code here very soon. A video detailing all the features is also coming up. Just watch this space or drop me a message.

This is obviously inspired by the Soma Lyra-8, which I love, but it’s not a clone at all. Also, I checked with Vlad himself and he gave his blessing. :wink:

Reverb provided by Eventide Space. Next video will have the dry sound as well. The Elmyra delay can get pretty reverb-y on its own.




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Build documentation, PCB, code and panel files:

Like I said in the post, there is already some interest on panels and PCBs and I’m checking options. Drop me a message if you’re interested and I’ll add you to the list. I’m based in Germany, so keep that in mind. Shipping overseas would probably cost extra.

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That’s lovely, a bit like a mini-lyra. Might just be interested in giving this a shot.

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Detailed video is now up:


This is awesome as a DIY project, but you should sell complete units too.
Then those of us who don’t have the knowledge/skills/resources to build it,
could play with this cool little synth. Cheers to you for making this DRoner.


Thanks a lot! I’ve had so many requests for kits and builds since I put up the first video yesterday, it’s a bit overwhelming… :smiley:

Doing one or two builds would be fine, but I have a day job and I can’t do this all the time. Right now I’m checking with builders I know to see if they would be up for the task. Then I could offer full kits and refer you to a builder. Or work with them directly.

I’ll gather some info and make up my mind in the next few days.


Add me to the list please

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What are you interested in? Panel, PCB, both? Or kit?

A kit please

Alright. :+1:

a KIT would be a cool option! one w/ all the pcb components to solder on yourself,
the correct pots & switches, wires, the front panel, etc. but not the knobs, or enclosures.
(*and of course some instructions).

Basically a kit a that sets up all the tech stuff, but leaves the fun choices to the builder.

I think it would be fun to solder up the pcb myself, choose some funky enclosure, choose what knobs i like best, and customize the outside, so it is unique, but still retains it original insides, so it sounds and works as it was invented to be.

Just my thoughts…

Thanks for responding.


Great idea. I’ll probably be offering panels and PCBs first, as this is easiest for me. But kits like you described should be possible eventually.


Interested in a built model as well.

no time for DIY
+1 for a finished unit

Unfortunately I won’t be able to offer builds anytime soon myself. There are just too many requests and I have a daytime job. I’m looking for qualified builders though and you might too. It’s a very easy build after all, so it shouldn’t be hard to find someone willing to do it for you in your area.

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I am checking Lyra-8 prices once in a while… A DIY kit for your awesome project would be pretty neat for me :slight_smile:

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Drop me a message here or by email (via my site) to be added to the list and I’ll let you know when kits will be available.

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Also interested for a complete kit or built unit.