Introducing Digitone


Yeah I knew it would be a perfect match.
The SRR and analog filter of the Biscuit is my goto when creating sine wave FM on my Nord G2.
A little SRR on the sine waves fm can’t be beat.
It’s a perfect match, and if I bought a Digitone SRR onboard would be my first feature request.
It’s an essential effect with pure sine FM tones imo


What are you using as your rack there?


apologies for the impatient self-bump here, but enough of yall own a DN now to help clear this up - do none of the key & scale, chord, or track transposition features work on midi tracks? is a significant factor in my consideration of ordering this additional elektron box. ty


I can test this tonight, that is, unless someone beats me to it :diddly:


much appreciated!


Ok, so bear with me, this is the first time I’m using MIDI tracks with the DN.

So I tested and I can get a volca keys to respond to notes on the seq. However, I cannot seem to be able to play the volca keys via the DN trig keys?

The only way I can play the volca keys from the DN is if I enable trig keys to INT + EXT and set the AUTO CHANNEL to the ch # the volca keys responds to. This way, I can not only olay the trig keys, but I can play the scale/chord mode as well, and the chords and scales are transmitted. However, if I then engage realtime rec mode and play these chords, nothing gets recorded to the MIDI track??!

Something tells me I need to RTFM… there has gotta be a setting that I’ve missed somewhere.

EDIT: Duh, of course nothing is recorded to the MIDI track if trig key dest is only EXT! It needs to be INT + EXT…


Ok, so now I changed the trig key setting back to INT, and again I cannot play the volcakeys with the trig keys? But the playing records just fine into the MIDI track in realtime rec, I just cannot hear what I’m playing… And the MIDI tracks also record all the scales & chords in realtime rec! Its just very annoying that I cant hear the notes play until they are recorded into the seq. Either this is a bug or I am missing a vital config setting, buried in some menu somewhere…?

EDIT: Maybe trig key dest needs to be INT + EXT? Will investigate…

EDIT2: Setting trig key dest to INT + EXT kinda works… but now I am transmitting the notes even when my active track is not in the MIDI mode! This must be because my internal track 1 is configured in the MIDI channel settings as channel 1

Summa summarum - the scales and chords work with the MIDI tracks. I need to check that transposition still, and am out of time until later… will get back to you on that.

EDIT3: Transpose is working as well, and transposes the sequence after it has been recorded OK.

EDIT4: Oh, okokok I think I get it now. The DN, and guessing DT too (?), have a new/different MIDI config workflow than the big boxes when it comes to MIDI tracks. By futzing around with the settings, I was ultimately able to come up with a setting combo that allowed me to both play the trig keys (with chords&scales), as well as record everything to the seq and have things working as expected.


thanks so much. when doing semitone transposition, do the recorded notes stay within the key and scale you’ve set up for that track? or is it a chromatic / post-quantize transposition?


the recorded notes get transposed once you set the semitone value and press YES. I’m not a 100% sure but I think it works almost the same as in the A4, with the exception that you need to press YES after setting a xpose value to apply it.


The MIDI tracks and trig keys are a mess right now. I’ve got an open support ticket about it and it’s being worked on.

That covers the current steps I had to go through to get the trig keys to play an external synth that I could sequence with no problem, but couldn’t trigger manually without a lot of configuration, and that should be fixed in future update.


I dreamed my Digitone backorder shipped from zzounds yesterday


Hey, can anyone test to see if arp settings are saved with a sound?

In particular, can you have two sounds saved with different arp settings, then sound lock between them to fake a plocked arp?



yes, i was very surprised, but thats working


DigiMachine is coming


Can you elaborate?


If you ever wondered which synth to pair with Digitone…Roland SH01a makes a good mate!

Digitones FX on external audio (like in this case) are brilliant! Love them! Better than any FX unit i had before.


I was buying an expensive fx pedal off of Reverb the other day (chrome Spaceman Mercury IV) that was close to the cost of a Digitone. I was very tempted to buy a Digitone instead. The only thing that stopped me from doing so is the lack of song mode on the Digitone.

Elektron - Please give us something! I really want to buy a Digitone!


+1 for Digiwave!