Introducing Digitone


I’ve been convinced to buy one… I just wish I could find one available in the UK. :frowning:


Andertons have them on Monday it seems. Check with them. I got mine here.


Put a few orders in for different places. I ordered one on the 26th Jan from Gear 4 Music and they said it’d be coming mid March. Then last week I saw Dawson’s selling them so took someone’s advice from in here and got Paypal Credit to order another. It came 2 days later from Dawson’s so cancelled G4M order. Could try that, no money comes out until it arrives in the shop.


DN sounds so dang good :slight_smile:


Hope it sounds good for my taste, generally I prefer analog stuff, but FM can do else more… (my experience with FM is most due to a nord G1).


Yeah, that is one area where FM synths are superior to traditional analog: woody and metallic percussion.

You can mess with attack, envelope stuff, etc. on analogs, but it’s not quite the same…


Still have to say that I achieved monster metallic percussion with A4… and “woody” with the monomachine as well!


There’s something in how the notes respond to different levels of velocity, how they ring, etc. that FM is really, really good at, that analog can approximate only to a degree. I have analog synths too and have gotten metallic percussive hits and stuff like that too.

While I think nothing beats direct experience as far as understanding how great FM is for percussion, this video does a pretty good job:


Of course FM is king for percussions… hands down, but analog dirt is what is prefer much more


Yeah, that’s why people end up buying more than one synth. This hasn’t changed in 30 years.

FM used for the lively, responsive percussion, ethereal pads that sit nicely in a mix, sometimes layered w/ analog pad and/or sampler. Analog for dirt or whatever usual stuff people use analog for. Sampling for you know what.


on quirkyness monomachine does a lot, got it maybe 8 years ago and still using it! of course the new elektron sequencers are galaxies far away…


People are getting into FM again because they’ve realized that merely sampling old FM synths sacrifices a lot of liveliness/responsiveness. Sampling in general has limits.

And also FM delivers certain flavors and behaviors not available in pure analog synths. People who have never played FM synths might disagree, but if you’ve never played one, you won’t really know for sure if you’ll want it in your music or not. Listening to demos is not a substitute for direct experience.

OTOH, if what you’re perfectly happy and productive with what you have now, you can cross Digitone, Volca FM, etc. off your shopping list and save yourself some money. GAS can be fun, but isn’t always good.


yes, like said before… It’s better at least for me to have a listen to the DN with hands on to know if i need it


Be sure to twist knobs and stuff when you check it out. :wink:


THIS! The modulations one can do with the DN set it head and shoulders apart from ”contemporary DX” -style synths. I bet MNM users know what I mean.


Buidling FM stuff on Nord G1 was fun but tedious. Digitone has the structure already set up… load up some marimba patches and you’re all set!


@phaelam @psyclone001 Hey fellow Operators, I just ran Digitone through my OTO Biscuit last night…


Sooooo good. So delicious. I think the Biscuit has a permanent home at the output stage of the Digitone.


Haha, did the same thing. I was using parameter lock sound bank changes with the Oto’s step filter…percussive madness!


Nice! I’m curious to see how some MIDI LFO action might work with the OTO’s filter…I wonder if it interpolates the incoming MIDI data to make a smooth filter sweep…


Yes I modulate Biscuit via midi all the time.
Analog filter sweeps perfectly