Introducing Digitone


Would hold out for the forthcoming Digidrum :wink:


This 100%

It’s conveinence of sampling adds just the smallest extra step from making the Digitone a drum synth shortly before the DN transforms into a mini-MnM

And the left over tracks of the DT has a mini version of the OTs mangling abilities of external sound.

Between these two boxes you can accomplish SO MUCH!


Just as one can love the sequoias and the sea otters equally, one should not have to choose between sampling and music synthesis. Both Digis have their domain of expertise.


So it is written, so it shall be.



:elmd:+DN of course. Or :elmm:+DN. SID DRUMS! SID DRUMS!


DN + OT, all day long… :monkey_face:


not gonna lie, idk what this means at all and i have the rytm.


Does it support MPE?


So not hooked up together yet was was just janmming DN so lot this morning… But they do look great next to each other. :slight_smile:


There’s always the manual…


DT+DN… realistically I think the DT is much more useful and the DN looks potentially more fun. Definitely want a digitone though but if I could only have 1 DT all the way.


Would be fine to hear more about the filters… Calling new owners: tweak the filters and let us know how they react, in particular how is the sound when using a lowpass? Does the sound become bigger or thinner?


Cool bro!


I think he’s just saying it would be nice to have the option of quantized intervals (heard as stepping in the current OS) or free/unquantized intervals (smooth transitions). The solution could be implemented in the way they did when they changed the AR’s FX send levels in an OS update, so you have a checkbox that would let you choose between one way or the other.


That seems a nice idea, but this would just give you a parameter range where only a few points sound nice, a big range around those points sounds as if there’s something slightly wrong with the tuning, and then there will be large ranges in between that which sounds inharmonic in an interesting way, but you’ll be wondering if the knob is broken because you won’t hear any apparent change there.


Different strokes for different folks. That’s probably why they suggested a toggle between the two modes. Some people want to get into the territory that others think is not useful.


Oh sure, it’s just that this box might not make sense in that context.


Here’s an example of what I’m talking about. The pitch of the carrier is fixed while the modulator sweeps up linearly from the same pitch to 4 octaves higher:

EDIT: Just for fun, here’s the same thing sweeping up the modulation anount with the carrier at the same frequency as the modulator:


Jam with black sisters :slight_smile:


You can def get some good metallic tones from this and really quickly. This one is a bit harsh lol but you get the idea. You can make a wide variety of sounds with this one.