Introducing Digitone


back order in france. Store i ordered at announcing 12 feb, saying that it’s elektron who gave this date… we’ll see…


I just bought an A4 - I was hoping that the Analog Four, Digitakt and Bass Station 2 would last me for years.

I’m very tempted to order a Digitone though…


Received a $50 voucher from my local retailer towards any purchase, also with the super fast bug squashing very tempted to order… waiting for them to get back on how much inventory they’ll have, otherwise i’ll wait for batch 2…


Wouldn’t it be better to learn your A4 before buying another synth? This is what I’m going to do, I will give myself 3-4 months to learn my new A4 and then I’ll order a DN. Who knows, price might be lowered by then, bugs fixed, more user feedback… Win-win! :slight_smile:


They can and will if you let them, it’s just a matter of taking your foot of the GAS and pressing the breaks.:smile:

That being said, I think a Digitone would compliment an A4 very nicely… :joy:


I think that’s wise, often too many synths does not help to make music, especially if your still learning them.
Too many little areas that you work on just a little bit on each instead of doing a lot on one or two pieces…
If I just had one box I’d get so much done on it… :smile:


Don’t listen to these guys,buy more gear…More! MOOOOORRRREEEEEE!


Ah, the voice of unreason… :joy:


let me hear that @AdamJay! Love music by Rob Hood!!!


I think it was meant to be an ironic way of praising Cenk.


As was mine a way of playing along


Yep. That what I’m doing with my SE-02. I’ll see where DN is next summer or fall.


i think the Digitakt and Digitone would be a very cool recipe for nu breed funk.


Hey guys and gals, this thing is real cool. I am going thru the stock patterns and sounds after the update and the sounds are just great. So many excellent drums and basses.


DN + DT vs DN +DN

Which would you prefer?


DT + DT :upside_down_face:


Such a strategy has served me well with guitar pedals.


Dn+dn for me …in fact , i’m going to organize my live set with 2otmk2 and 2DN :alien::heart_eyes:…can’t wait for my Dn’s


I’ve been strongly considering 2 DN’s as well. I’m eager to get my hands on it to see how much I enjoy it as a drum machine.


I think the DN would make a fine drum machine but I think there’s unrealized magic in the DT, and it will continue to get improvements. I like its sampling/resampling engine and it would be a good buddy to the DN.