Introducing Digitone


The DN is a wavetable synth, it just has very few wavetables. The operator can interpolate between the 27 waveforms in the manual (which is a wavetable) and those are faze modulated, the same way that the DX-7 was using a look-up table of a sine wave.

While it would be amazing to open up the possibility to use other waveforms with the DN engine, it might not be in line with Elektron’s intention of simplification.


likely mentioned here, but man it’s too bad you only get AEG for ops A and B. Part of what makes FM wild and crazy in the DX world are the EGs per OP. This is partially addressed in adding a filter w/ envelope - but FM can do lots more than just approximate filter sweeps. Yamaha had this right. I love vanilla though, tastes great.


You can always use the Digitone to parameter lock your DX-7 :upside_down_face:


Not without SysEx unfortunately. :drunk:


Please note that the Digitone (DN) Category is now live …


Yes, if you use the Track Note method in Grid recording mode you can use KB SCALE and KB CHORD to place chords with the press of a single key. You can then use the ROOT NOTE parameter to move the root note to offset the whole chord you placed.
There is no way to adjust velocity/note length or microtiming separately for every note on a single step. Microtiming is used on the trig itself so it treats all the notes on that step as a “package”.




Thinking of them as a package is a helpful metaphor. Thank you.


Excited about the DN. Very forward thinking.


Elektron should think about hiring Cenk. He’s pretty good.


Right! He’s always at their booths at any conference- always wearing clothing with their Logo on it.

He’s even made videos about their gear THAT THEY’VE ACTUALLY USED ON THEIR YOUTUBE. He even SAYS he’s from Elektron! Not even dropping HINTS!

When are they going to put together the clues?!?!?!


TR-09 + DN and you’ve got instant Robert Hood.


Ordered! (will suit me better than the great DT which was sold today!). Today’s Quick bug fix was the 5% i need to achieve my decision.


I’d like to log a complaint:
Why didn’t elektron make the Digitone hardware look exactly like the Digitakt?

For those of us on GAS budgets who are co-habiting with a significant other, the Digitone’s new colourful buttons run a high risk of attracting attention and our being asked ‘what’s that? some MORE new gear?’

Anyway, I’ve taken that risk and ordered! :grinning: yowza! Gerry Bass and Kenny Loggin’s Danger Zone are go!


Gotta adopt the 1 in, 1 out mantra.

For me, OP-1 out (again), and DN + 12V battery pack in.
Still portable, still got some FM… still 4 tracks even… and I don’t mind trading the FM radio for some conditional trigs and sound locks :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But I hear you on the color palette.
Thrilled that those little chiclet track buttons match my portable drum machine (Patterning)


Where are people purchasing the DN? Are they still available?


I bet people not in the know won’t notice. To the outside eye it just looks like a little black box.

Kinda like if you were to look at a page written in Chinese- it all just looks like Chinese


"yeah, I got some new colourful buttons’ … seems a plausible explanation.


t’was a DIY project (stocks up on red, yellow, green, and purple nail polish)


back order in france. Store i ordered at announcing 12 feb, saying that it’s elektron who gave this date… we’ll see…