Introducing: Digitone Keys


thank you!

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Somehow they missed the opportunity to fit that angles between dnk and analog mk2’s.
But that’s just ocd I guess.


To fit my Make Noise 104hp 3he Eurorack case beneath it, i probably need to woodwork something clever…

I see you use Ableton.

Could you tell me if the Digitone-keys is working fine with Overbridge and Ableton ?

Also, will the Digitone-keys work as a controller for Ableton ?
Just for inputting notes… As an added sweetener can it be used as a controller for Ableton devices?
Maybe using the 8 controller knobs for macro control…

the skiff? seems like it would fit great right above the keys, right? maybe just on a tilted laptop stand (or two). I think there’s some 3D printed stands for tilting the skiff too.

Haven´t tried the DK with OB and Ableton yet.

IIRC in the interview between Nick Batt and Cenk about the DK, Cenk said, that the DK can work as a midi controller. If you want to be sure, check the manual:


The Digitone Keys has a very flexible MIDI CONTROLLER mode that lets you use the Digitone Keys’s[KEYBOARD] and other controllers to control external devices via MIDI. Press [MIDI EXT] page69image4167621504|9.522000x9.551000to toggle the MIDI CONTROLLER mode on/off.

Hmmm i try later. Just came home from work. Need. Food. Drink.

Yep, I’ve read the manual but I wasn’t certain about it working with Ableton devices or just hardware boxes… I’m sure it would do.


Well, i see no reason why it can not.

DK has arrived today and will pair with Octa MKI, CP88 and Prophet XL.

Inspiring setup.


Thanks for sharing, have fun!!

Yeah, so this happened … a few hours in, it’s hard not to love these new set of keys.


Thanks for sharing but not in a million years for me.

Whatever makes your boat float. :slightly_smiling_face:

I just got to try one of these in a store, and was honestly blown away by the quality. I had thought the pitch/mod wheels to the left of the sequencer was a horrible design decision but in person it totally made sense and they felt incredible. The knobs above the keys really added a whole new level of immediacy. I’m not much of a keys player so the scale functionality was incredible - really wish that was on the A4 or OT. The Digitone had never appealed to me but the keys does. Great job Elektron.


My keys will be here next week! :star_struck:
I’ll design something to use for that purpose and make sure to share it here (maybe sell a few for those who are not mechanically inclined). Most likely a 3D print friendly design. I plan to use almost that exact combo with a couple of auxiliary items.

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Octatrack gone already? :male_detective:

Nope. Still got it.

But it’s facing tough competition from the Blackbox.

Been on the OT for years. Maybe it’s time we go our different ways.