Introducing: Digitone Keys


Not defending. Just questioning the incessant harping on a known.
I dont buy something that doesnt have feature i want listed then go online and rant about it.
I knowingly buy something based on its features and if it meets my requirements for the most part and misses some things, i find a way to make that werk.
If it totally misses the mark and doesnt do what i need it to…i simply look for an alternative.

The boxes are made the way they are made. They get as creative as you make them.
Just my opinion, but, having chosen a box that basically meets your needs and finding werk arounds to push it beyond what it does can be very rewarding. Having everything handed to you on a platter can make you complacent.

Anyways…seems like its creating roadblocks for you or whoever has issue. And perhaps an alrernative might werk better.

Price will also reflect feature set


they actually put it out about a decade ago. it’s called the Octatrack.



or they could just add the damn useful feature in. :sunglasses:


the big boxes have…the little boxes don’t.

c’est la vie.


No, the AR isn’t an “upsell” from the DT. It’s an analog drum machine with sampling as an add-on. In many ways it’s a step down from the Digitakt if you only want sampling.

And, news flash, Elektron did release a “bigger box Digitone with more features.” It’s in the title of this thread. :laughing:


I don’t think so.


I disagree.


I think you’re one of two.

I had my first music lessons on keyboard, but piano/keys hasn’t been my main instrument in years - I’m more of a string player. Anyway, the way the DNK is designed w/ sequencer module to left, 37 keys to right looks usable to me too.


Introducing Elektron Octahands! - but I want one anyway


Waiting for that ADTK+MkII tease


Has the Digitone Keys paved the way for Monomachine Keys !!!


Alrighty! Thomann has shipped it. Soon i will have it …


and he never touched a key


HAHAHAHA…nice catch!



First Impressions:
A Hefty chunk of a man’s Synth. Worth the double price. The Keyboard feels and plays excellent, wheels and knobs, button also great. The matt painted finish feels great.
It looks much better to me than on the pictures.
New presets and also new preset patterns.
Having the Keys, dedicated knobs and the Arp control right there, opens up this synth so much more. Had to force myself to stop now, its very much fun to play with.


As a graphic designer I really appreciate the lovely packaging on this one.


Yeah, graphics are excellent, great work!


Does anyhone has a picture how it looks if you place the keys and a elektron box in dt/dn/octatrack height beside it?
The surface of the keys is angled, and I wonder how it matches.

Graphics are really nice, true this.


My ghetto DNK…

not proper setup. Positioned for photo hahaha


Jeez what’s up with the Illuminati symbolism on that package though :open_mouth: :smile: