Introducing: Digitone Keys




We can call it a synth case :wink:

I’ve actually built some modulars into their smaller cases.


@Phaelam @Malarkyk Everybody would agree that song mode in Digi boxes would be a great and much needed feature. Why you guys defend so much such a poor design decision like not including the song mode in the machine? It would open up so many possibilities if it was implemented!
Did elektron do that on purpose to make people buy more expensive boxes that is the question… and if so it’s a bit sad.


I’m not defending. I accept that it doesn’t have it, and I could have bought another device if that feature was very important to me. Maybe it will get an update which adds song mode, maybe it won’t.

Just gonna go make some music now brb



$949? Where are you shopping? The S61 mk2 is $729.


you mean so they can up-sell people from the Digitone to the… uh, what now? :thinking:


Digitone Keys presets are available for download in our customer accounts (for those of us who have registered a Digitone/Keys).


Good to know thanks, this evening I’ll register mine :+1:




Well, the up sell from the Digitakt is the AR2 (which is what I did). I wouldn’t be surprised if Elektron put out a bigger box Digitone in the future with more features and a heftier price tag.


For some reason I am unable to send the sound pack over with C6, I can send others no problem but the DK bank A does nothing. Anyone else have this?

Edit: C6 Says sent 86528 but DN just flashing Waiting Data… once hit no it still shows 256 in the selected bank.

Solved: I was still on 1.10. Updated and dump worked.


Dear Digitone factory sounds contributors, thank you for the new sounds!


The AR is not the up-sell from the Digitakt at all. The DT has 8 tracks for MIDI sequencing, it’s a very different box from the AR. I don’t know how you could be under this impression, especially having owned a DT.


The AR2 is indeed the up sell to the DT. That doesn’t mean that it has every single thing the DT does.


One is a drum machine, the other is a hybrid drum machine and powerful MIDI sequencer. I’d say they are very different products with SOME overlap, but I really do not think Elektron is thinking that people will buy the DT and then decide to “upgrade” to the AR. If someone sold their DT and bought an AR, they would be missing a GIGANTIC feature, MIDI sequencing. It’s not just a feature, it’s practically half the machine. Just because it costs more and shares some of the functionality does not make it an up-sell.


So what could be the real reason to not implement the Song Mode in Digiboxes?




:thinking: Watch menus! Hard to find Elektrons with more things in common, except DT and M:S of course. Of course Midi tracks make a big difference, but same DNA.
I think AR is DT’s genetic father, and M:S grand father.


Remember when this thread was about the DigiTone Keys?