Introducing: Digitone Keys


What 3 octave keyboard would you recommend for 650€? :content:

Dedicated DNK controls and shortcuts make a difference, for sure.


Plus new füll Metal painted and printed faceplate, new Chassis to fit the DN plus Keybed, all the prototypes, new packaging, new production line, different part sourcing, Training for the ppl to build it, Training for the Service desk to Help cuatomers or do repairs, plus that they wont sell as much as from the Desktop Version … …all adds up to the additional price.


I think it’s priced pretty fairly for what it is and does. They didn’t JUST add a keyboard to it. It’s also nice that one doesn’t have to get the keyboard version if it’s not that important. For me, it’s worth it for saving me the trouble of inputting cords manually on the non-key interface though. :smiley:


So what sort of bag or case is right for the Digitone Keys? Elektron doesn’t have anything for this (yet!) on their accessory page. With it’s unique dimensions, i wonder is there anything that really fits well?


Maybe a rifle case would work. Would need to check the depth though. Pelican and Plasticase make some pretty good ones that might work.


I notice that Kraft Music is selling the DK with a Gator Cases GKB-49 bag. (Answering my own question.) That’s an $80 bag.

ADDED: That bag looks a little big actually.
Interior Dimensions:
Length 36.5 ", Width 13.75 ", Height 4.5 "

#720 :wink:


That looks much better and it’s a hard case.

Always good getting on a plane and carrying on a rifle case!


:smiley: Yes, I’m not sure they’d appreciate that one. It does have enough room though to add another unit. Maybe a Digitakt or something to the right side.


You’re right it’s a little long – maybe they or somebody makes a case for a sawed off shotgun.

So one is too long and the other is too wide. I think this is still an open question for the Goldilocks Digitone Keys bag.


Might be worth comparing the dimensions to the SFx-6, then check Elektron-Users? I remember lots of debate about what case to use with that beast! :slight_smile:


Interesting to compare dimensions regardless.

Digitone Keys 868 x 185 x 90 mm
Monomachine SFX-6 975 x 176 x 55 mm

And they complain the Digitone Keys is too long.

ADDED: More statistics. These in English units, just to balance things out. Surface area size:
digitone keys 34.2" x 7.3" x 3.6" – area 249.7 in^2
analog keys 26.0" x 12.2" x 3.7" – area 317.2 in^2
So the AK is 27% larger than the DK.


Also 8 individual outs.



Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol S61 Mk2 Keyboard


Thank you for putting these out! As a lover of the Mnm Keys, this ‘slim’ model of it is so beautiful to my eyes.


Not a big gun fan but that case looks badass.


I don’t own a Digitakt anymore. I bought one when it first came out (and Elektron said that they were working on a viable option to songmode). Mine bricked shortly after I purchased it. I own a Rytmn MkII (as well as an A4 and a MD).


cool, so maybe stop complaining now?


I’ll speak my mind whenever I please. If you don’t like it, don’t read it - or, if possible, block my posts (for my sake as well as yours).


So you are complaining about a feature, you think, is missing on a box…you dont even own!? :thinking: