Introducing: Digitone Keys


TL;DR. However a Kind of Songmode can be achieved with a Combination of trigless trigs with Pattern Changes and trig conditions on a Miditrack that goes via a Midi loopback cable from DT Midi Out back into DT Midi in.

Similar can be achieved with the Digitone.


I thought somebody showed gate w/ Multi Map on a DN… in a video?

I’d thought about getting an A4 back in the day. But not having MIDI output, and a sound that inspired me as much as the later DN were the reasons I didn’t get one. Also, didn’t want song mode badly enough - I’d rather get a DN + Pyramid for the cost of an A4; ok a wee bit more but not that much more.


If the DT was 16 voice I would be all over this ish.


Yeah any time I had a device which included song mode, I never used it. Much rather just jam out and changes patterns when I’m good and ready.


Or If Song Mode is essential…get this additionally:


If I wasn’t planning on using a Digi box for live shows, then song mode might not be as important. As a vocalist who also plays guitars, having a song mode is crucial. Lack of it is an absolute dealbreaker because I can’t play guitar, sing, and be a frontman whilst hitting a button to change patterns every 15 seconds.

I think Elektron is still stuck in that mindset that mostly DJ’s and home enthusiasts are using their Digi boxes. If they keep that mindset, then that will be their reality.


That is interesting.


They are/were also more expensive. More money, more features.

You dont get the same features in an Audi A4 as you get in an Audi A8.


You can if you let a laptop sequence your patterns.
It can even be tucked away so people think youre a cool guy that doesnt use a laptop. :confused:
unless youre laptop intolerant of course.
Or, another elek box, or other ext sequencer can handle those duties.

Think outside the DT.


Well, one of the reasons I use Elektron gear is to stay out of the box. I don’t want to be tied to a computer/laptop for anything other than updates/backups.


Thats your choice.
Chose your gear wisely to get what you want from it.

Im not buying a toaster and then writing the manufacturer to tell them to modify it to make ice cream

You want out of one box, only to be tied to another.
Get band members if you want to be TRUELY out-da-box. The whole “out of the box” thing while using boxes, i find, is hilarious.
Put an elektron sticker on yer laptop and pretend its some cool new proto. :face_with_monocle::3lektron:


Coming to think of it…

Isnt a DN a computer in itself? Granted, stripped down to perform a dedicated task.
But its…

  • its got a motherboard
  • its got a tactile UI
  • its got a screen
  • its…IN A BOX

A flute is out of the box.


If you want to get technical then yes, but an Elektron box is a hardware unit in that it doesn’t have to be tethered to a computer to work. I’m not going to derail this thread by debating this any further.


I don’t see what’s wrong with wishing the DN/DT had song mode. you can wish for things all you want. however, you can’t really be mad that they haven’t added a feature they never promised to begin with. you bought it, you should have made sure it had all the features you wanted when you did.

that said, since Elektron have always had a song mode for their sequencers, it’s not strange to hope that they would add one some day. just hopefully it’s not as bad as the one in the RYTM, and is more like the OT/MD/MnM ones. but anything is better than nothing I guess…


Mate, maybe you should sell the digitakt and get something that actually serves your need? Digitakt doesn’t have a song mode, and probably won’t ever. You’ve been complaining on this forum for months, why are you wasting so much energy on this?


Well according to Thomann’s prices, both the A4 Mk2 and the OT Mk2 are cheaper than the Digitone Keys :grin:

Note though that my post simply provided a counter argument to Hawks’s reasoning as to why the DT did not feature song mode, which was not based on any financial considerations.


DN and DNK makes the same comparison. If you wanna play the DN like the DNK you will need a controller…more $

The keyboard is effectively a feature. The better the key bed the more $.


I think a Moog CP-251 would be cool for this. Add an extra LFO, S&H, etc. to the DNK. DNK kinda makes me want to call it the DoNK. :smiley:


I don’t think Meriphew owns a DT or DN, they are saying that the song mode is the reason they won’t buy one. I’m not sure why they don’t just write Elektron directly through the feature request channel, posting about it on the forum over and over is maybe a waste of time but I waste time responding so I’m not one to talk :laughing:


Well, I just ordered one. I’ve been trying to reduce my setup to something super-focused. I found that the more desktop gear I added, the less focused I was, and the less I was making music. (which has been a repeating cycle in my life :smiley: ) So, now, it’s going to be the Digitone Keys, a 1010 Blackbox, and my trusty 2012 Macbook Pro + Scarlett setup. I’ve still got my MX-1 up for sale, but I may end up keeping it, as the compressor is handy, and with the separate outs of the DNK, it could be fun.