Introducing: Digitone Keys


Perhaps 2 octave keyboard to eliminate empty space?

Or maybe install a spill proof beer holder?

Also, what’s this controversial MD ewi


Oh no! I just saw the sequencer layout and now immediately hate it


Did a quick search of drum machines w/ song mode that are in production. The only ones that cost less than Digitakt/Digitone seem to be the Drumbrute and Drumbrute Impact.


Because I use the Digitakt as much more than a drum machine, it’s great for drums but also I sample synths, vocals, stuff from movies and YouTube, my own voice, etc. It’s a drum and SAMPLING computer, so of course an electronic drum machine (even one that can load user samples) wouldn’t be even remotely in the same territory… I’m not sure how you could equate the two? The Digitakt has the power to sample from so many sources, and if you have one of your mixer outputs sent into the Digitakt inputs you can grab samples so easily. That is one of its biggest strengths. The Digitakt can make drum sequences using the power of the Elektron sequencer that would never be possible to play live. I also route my master keyboard through it to play my other synths, and it captures the MIDI which is then used to sequence those same synths. I’m sure you know allll of this, so the suggestion about an e-drum machine seems more than a little ridiculous…


Watched a bit of Loopop’s Multi Map tutorial for Analog Four. Wanted to see if patterns can be triggered by pressing and releasing a key (or MIDI pedal). In other words, can one trigger a pattern without having to hold down a key - or pedal. The answer appears to be yes


Cenk demonstrated this to Nick Batt in the Sonicstate Digitone Keys Video, too.


The vast majority of synths — including those with sequencers— don’t have a song mode. The new Keys format makes it more clear than ever that Elektron view the Digitone as a synth first and foremost. A song mode would be nice, but it’s no more of a vital or “missing” feature on the Digitone than it is on any other synth.

You’ve made the same complaint about the Digitone/Digitakt and song mode probably a hundred times on various forums. Maybe it’s time to move on and buy something that does have a song mode. That shouldn’t be difficult if it’s as common as you repeatedly claim. Another easy option, as many people have advised, is to use any of the nearly infinite devices that can record audio to play your backing tracks. It’s really not that complicated.


Does the Yamaha MODX has a song mode?

Let´s find out:

Ok. No song mode either.


There is an option for that on MD (Gate, note off stops pattern).
Apparently not on A4/AK/DN/DNK. It just change patterns.


Still with Multi Map, A4/AK can transpose patterns, but I didn’t see that possibility in DN/DNK manual.
Check Multi Map > Pattern play. Transpose is mentioned in A4/AK manuals, not in DN/DNKs.

Feature request?


The Yamaha MODX has a linear sequencer, as opposed to a pattern based sequencer, so why or how would it have a song mode?


I dont know, i didnt test the thing. I Just thought, that it might be an alternative for Meriphew, which it isnt.


In the video, he pressed a key to trigger a pattern, then let go of the key. The pattern did not stop playing. That is what I meant by “have to hold down”. If the pattern stops when you let go of the key, that makes Multi Map la bit less useful.


Yes, I understood what you meant. But I think the MD gate option is interesting to have. :wink:
So is the A4/AK transpose.


Have offered the idea of using another box to sequence pattern changes. Not hard at all.



So then would you consider the Analog Four to be a backing track machine (since it has song mode)? My example of the Digitakt/electronic kit was just to show you that not everyone uses machines the same way or for the same purposes. Understand?


There are a lot of people speaking out for a song mode to be added. Maybe you should just not read my posts if you don’t like what I say. K - bye now.


I’m not sure I do, your logic and examples are kind of confusing. How does saying “Why not use an e-drum kit instead of a Digitakt” make any sense to demonstrate that not everyone uses things in the same manner? Those two thing are for sure meant to be used in very different ways… My point is that not every machine is meant to be used in every way. If you want a song mode, open up any DAW and sequence your program changes to be sent to the Digitakt. You’ll have the option to make the song as long as you like and have as many pattern changes as you like, and you can save it to be recalled at any time. I’m not saying that the DT having a song mode would be bad, it totally would be cool, but even chaining patterns on the DT is kind of a weird deal for a few reasons. I know it gets said a lot, but the DT is REALLY a performance machine first and foremost. Since the DT is all about tweaking a sequence in all kinds of ways, especially using control-all, and then using the quick recall function to restore it, the most fun comes when you jam on a single pattern for a while, fuck it all up in cool ways, restore it, then manually trigger your next pattern exactly when you like it for good effect. When you chain patterns this becomes much harder since the pattern you’re tweaking will just switch without your intervention. This can be pretty jarring since the idea is that you’ve made a bunch of patterns that transition well into each other, and if you’ve been tweaking it a bunch when the pattern changes automatically you can get some really incongruous change-overs. Not always, but pretty often for sure! Especially if you’ve been using the delay to get interesting sub-rhythms going on the kick or whatever. Same applies to DN. I understand you don’t personally own either of these devices, but it might be good for you to have a few days with one to really know what I’m saying. Also, triggering a pattern change on either machine takes all of .01 seconds, so it’s not like you would need to be hovering above the machine in a live performance constantly twisting knobs and hitting buttons to change patterns. I don’t mean any offense to you of course dude, but if you want something that plays a percussion backing track in the studio or live there are for sure better choices, probably the best and most flexible being a DAW. It’s true what you’re saying that not every device is used in the same way by every person, but it’s also true that different devices were designed by the maker to be used in specific ways. Maybe Elektron will add a dope song mode tomorrow that blows everyone away and I’ll look like an idiot for typing out this long-ass argument :joy:


I suspect the strongest argument against your long-ass argument :grinning: would be the fact that the MD, MnM, OT, A4 and Rtym all feature song mode and all those boxes have similar performance features to the DT.


Haha maybe so :grin: I would definitely prefer that they add a few other features in before a song mode, but time will tell.


There are a lot of people asking for all kinds of features. Song mode just doesn’t seem like a particularly interesting or valuable one when most of us already have devices and/or software that can record songs.

I’d much rather have additional syntheses capabilities since the Digitone is, after all, a synthesizer and not a workstation.