Introducing: Digitone Keys


Are they endless encoders or potis?


From the Elektron page:

  • 8 × user assignable rotary encoders

Pretty sure that Nick asked Cenk this in the video – and that they are encoders.

Please someone else correct me – i’ve made to many Superbooth rush mistakes lately.


Check the weight. 6kg is a hefty chunk to carry.


some people enjoy sinning… :wink:


I think this is very fair to say.


Endless encoders. Same as the A-H knobs.


Do the encoders transmit midi by chance or are they routed to internal parameters?


Guys and girls, I have written a 100 pages long manual for this machine, please have a look in it. Sorry, just kidding :smile: Yes they send MIDI :slight_smile:


It may be the additional knobs and buttons really does open up the playability and avoid any awkward ergonomics. Especially with all the other modes. Semi keen to pick one up… , but might have to try one out in a store at some point I think. At least the track buttons are nice and close. Ad I think 6kg is quite light for something like this. Still lighter than a carryon bag, and most airlines have allowances for musical instruments with long sizes. Hold mode is like an ambient artists dream, too


Thank you for all of your work Ångman!!!:3lektron:


The encoder to Screen position on this would be a nightmare. two rows of value on screen vs one row of encoders. Nah.


how low is the round trip latency if one uses overbridge for the DT/DK? Is it good enough to play live via overbridge and still add a couple of effects in ableton?


Cool thing with the Hold function is that there is a separate hold state for every track. So you can play one track, activate hold, switch to another track and play that one while the first track is held…and so on…
Great for us drone heads!


Thanks for your kind words. Im just doing my small share to help you make cool music :slight_smile:


I want a hold function :hugs:


Horses for courses, and no offence to your design but I find that rather dull and I prefer Elektrons design, although I’m not planning on buying a DK. Conventional synth keyboard designs are fine and definitely suit many users, but Elektron typically don’t do conventional and personally I’m very happy about that, I think it might win people over once hands are laid on it.


even tho Im not a fan of the dk, I agree elektrons design makes more sense from a programmers / elektron users point of view.

input your notes on the synth with some automation, then move to the left where you’ve got your entire DN in one place as normal.

proper keyboardists want the mod n pitch wheels beside the keys but that ain’t the idea innit.

n even tho that user re-designed layout looks more like a normal modern synth (n might look more attractive) it actually spreads all the groovebox elements out all over the place a bit.


That’s awesome. Sounds like a big workflow enhancer and more responsive than having to pop in 1 shot conditionals and that kinda thing. Does the regular Digitone with update now have a hold functionality?


Actually there was a version on the drawing board that had the wheels between the keys and the synth unit. But there are a couple of reasons why this was considered a not so good placement of them. Foremost among them is that its much easier to use the wheels when they are by the left edge of the machine. They require some empty space around them so you dont accidentally push any buttons when you operate the wheels. If they were placed in the middle the wheels would be more ”in the way” of the other buttons and knobs.
And its not like they are so far from keys as they are now. If you had a five octave keyboard with the wheels next to the keys and played the higher octaves and worked the wheels, the hands would be further apart than they are on the Digitone Keys.

And honestly, if you are among the ones that think the Digitone Keys look weird now, let me tell you, It is not prettier with the wheels in the middle :smile:


true, nothing the clone stamp tool couldn’t fix :joy:

I think the same thing would apply to the bonafide DKeys, no? how does one see what’s assigned to their user params?