Introducing Digitakt


Ha. People in the MK2 threads seem think it’s the other way around…


Seems Elektron’s current strategy is to put out as many new devices as they can to maximize profits. Could be they are actually already focusing their development resources on a new device that they are going to announce at NAMM.


It’s worth pointing out that this is mere speculation on my behalf. I have no insights into the software development process at Elektron nor the number of people working on the OSs. I have a few assumptions based on my observations and some experience in the software industry, but I could be way off and thus I’d rather keep them to myself.


Anyone using the DT for bass duties? How’s it sound? I didn’t have mine long enough to experiment with bass sounds.


It sounds as good as the sounds you put into it, and then it makes them sound better, tougher, and more cunning.

I also use the MIDI tracks to sequence other instruments whose duty is to shake the bass booty. Now I have bass coming out of every direction. So much bass. Bass for days and days and days.


Its pretty heavy, especially if you start with a good sample.


I’d say it’s good for bass. You obviously need to put good stuff into it as it’s a sampler, but the filter, snappy envelopes, and especially the nice overdrive can really help fatten stuff up even more.


That’s exactly my main purpose. TT303, Korg Monoloque and Korg Volca FM, Bass allover the place. It’s really suited for that.


Like other people have said, the filter is great for sculpting bass. I sampled some sub-bass from my Volca Kick and the filter just brought it to a whole new level.

I also love what the overdrive does and I’m starting to mess with the LFO. With it set to sample volume, you can get some nice movement.


And lo, a new dark trinity arises…

Digitakt, monologue*, volca fm

(*if ordered in black)


They’ve clearly spread themselves too thin, and are failing in all aspects. This is how empires fall.


Indeed I have the Black one too (Monologue), so you could say it’s some kind of new dark trinity.
Besides that I could not resist to order the Make Noise 0-coast :aw:

The Digitakt is such a joy to play with, despite it’s not so smooth introduction.
I still trust on it Elektron will get things solved and even surprise us with new updates during this year.
Do not forget the updates we got for the AR en A4/AK conditional trigs etc. and even the OT got this functionality by surprise!! So let’s hope some kind of magic will happen with the Digitakt as well.

Although the Digitakt needs some important fixes and I think it really needs an EQ per track, I spend more time with it in 2017 than with the OT and the AR (both MK1)

For my Live set-up it will be my bass station:
Samples from TT 303, Korg Volca FM, Korg Monologue and Make Noise 0-coast

AR = drums station OT all other fx, soundscapes, synthloops etc.


Panda Bear on the DT:


Bought a cheap DT today.
As happy OT user I always was convinced DT would be redundant.

Sometimes things just happen :rofl:
Excited to try the often praised faster workflow


I’m so pleased to have a DT again; this thing is too much fun. Paired with my Gotharman Anamono X, it just makes that synth so much better. It kind of blew my mind how immediately I was setting up CC’s to control different parameters on the Anamono X. The DT’s streamlined, deceivingly simple nature just makes it such a joy to work with.


I am constantly surprised by how great the digitakt is compared to my initial impressions of it- as I had originally thought of it merely as “the discount Elektron box”

100% agree with you


Suggestion: How about the ability to rotate a pattern? That is, offset all trig positions by a negative or positive integer that isn’t remembered by the Digitakt - the trigs are shifted and permanently re-homed to their new positions (on a per individual track basis).

Use Case: You played a sequence on one sample perfectly, but didn’t precisely honour the metronome, so the distances between trigs are perfect, but the pattern as a whole is offset relative to the rest of the track. Rotate your way to success instead of rerecording.


FN+ left or right doesn’t do this anymore? It did on the OT.


The Elektron sequencer already does that when in step recording mode. It works on all machines I’ve checked (DT, DN, A4/MK2, AR/MK2, OT/MK2).


Oh, fuckin’ A man. Guess I should read the manual more closely.