Introducing Digitakt


Has anyone had a go with using Digitakt to sequence VST plug-ins (via MIDI over USB) ?

I’m wondering how it would fair with NI Monark, TAL 101, and TAL U NO LX with my Apogee Duet 2 (headphone out 3/4 sent back to DT for sampling the result. These plug-ins are all represented in one way or another in Roland’s Boutique line, and I’m trying hard to curb my appetite for them.

Fortunately my Qu Pac has track delay, so back syncing hardware like the DT with DAW plug-in output latency is a breeze.
But how is the sequencing experience with plug-ins, if anyone has gone down that route yet?


I was sequencing ABL3 with Digitakt via MIDI over USB the other day. Works great, apart from the fact that when you turn several encoders sending out MIDI CC simultaneously they seem to stop sending MIDI CC messages until unit is restarted (This is a known bug, if i’m not mistaken). Tamed my GAS successfully :slight_smile:


This is sounding good.
Been playing Nave, Monark and other plug-ins with my AK in EXT mode.
No sequencing, but it’s a joy to control those sounds with tactile hardware.
Excited more than ever about Digitakt.


I had an Octatrack for months and complained to everyone about the screen quality until I found threads talking about how hard it was to get the screen protector off and i was like… ‘screen protector??’

It was a world of difference when I finally removed it (which btw was WAY harder than you would ever imagine)

The protector was like, frosted almost, its terrible.

Digitakt is probably similar…?


Ha, that happened to me too. Had my OT since 2012, and only realised it had a screen protector on it this year. :laughing:


I hope you don’t keep your condoms that long ! :smile:


If you want song mode buy an mpc live to go with your digitakt! :slightly_smiling_face:


Anyone who recently ordered a DT in the US get a ship date yet? The place I ordered from said September sometime for the next back but of course I’m getting anxious.


Perfect circuit has them in stock. Cancel your order and get one from them!


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Well this is probably the best first day i’ve had with a new machine ever


Received mine today.

Going to insist my boy has a nap today. A long one.


Afternoon naps? Good luck with that :slight_smile:


He’s asleep.

But i’m currently laying on my bed listening to ASMR videos.

The Wife’s out tonight. That’s when i’ll get my mitts on it.


I just got my DT a week or so ago. It made a very good first impression on me. The reverb sounds really good to me; I like it. The filter and envelope curves are very useful for percussion sounds. It feels like there’s a lot of control, and in conjunction with the p-locking, it’s just great for interesting variations.

I really like the overdrive on the DT; I’m going to end up using it on every sound. I like the sound of the whole machine slightly over-driving my Boss BX-8 mixer a lot. Eager to find more time to get to know it.


should i pull the trigger???


yes imo



There’s a lot of negativity around the Digitakt, but that’s simply because the base unit is so good that the minor flaws stop it from being a masterpiece.

It’s already great and it’ll just keep getting better with updates.


If they ever update. Looks like they’re too busy with the MKII units to bother with their digitakt anymore.


Is the current chaining implementation final? No song mode makes playing other synths/instruments impossible sometimes.

Don’t get me wrong, unexpected crazy is awesome but a bit of structure when you need it (this pattern 4x, then that pattern 8x etc) would be a life saver when you run out of hands.

Plus, who wants to interact with Digitakt via a sequencer or another device? Love using the Digitakt, that’s the whole point!