Introducing Digitakt


I think that’s a good choice for you. I’ve been missing a lot of things I really like when programming drum patterns lately such as being able to program triplets as well as standard 16th notes in the same track for the same sound. I also think being able to play multiple samples on any given track is a great workflow for easily/creatively programming chokes for more than just hi-hat sounds.

Another thing is I’m really hoping that OB will allow me to use the DT as a stereo soundcard because I don’t have one right now, and that would be really useful for me. DT appears to have very capable ADCs.


I don’t have DT, had Kp3. I’d say Kp3 can record a midi sync loop, DT can’t, for the moment.
Apparently the recording has to be assigned to a track after recording.

You have Octatrack, don’t you ?


Yes, I have OT, but all my inputs are full…I wanted to know if someone tried the flow on DT…
Yes, on KP3 you can set how long you sample will be before recording…


I own an OT. As you know, OT doesn’t have sound card in it.
My plan is buying DT, and I’ll put the output of OT into DT. Then my PC might recognize the sound from DT via overbridge software.
Here is my question, Does DT have the function like thru machine in OT??


All good things. It’s the MIDI sequencing aspect of the device that’s the most pressing need for me. I’m also curious what the Digitakt would be like working in conjunction with the SP-303 since it too has MIDI IN. It could be fun, or at the very least another unit to process external audio in interesting ways. Meanwhile, the Micro Modular is just hanging out in the cupboard waiting to be sequenced.

Current ‘sales engineer’ ETA is “Right now, they are expected in the last week of this month…” That’s fine. Sweden operates in its own space and time. It’ll arrive when it arrives.


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The ‘plan’ is to use the Nord Modular keys for programming patches, which has been taking pretty much all of my musical time lately, as I learn my way around its patching paridigm (I’m more familiar with patching hardware modulars with banana cables), and then to save appropriate patches to its lil’ buddy.


I had Rc 505 slaved with Octatrack. Very long recordings possible (999 bars, up to 3 hours).
5 stereo tracks. Free to record different length.

I sold it because it was quite big, and to concentrate on Ot; maybe I’ll buy a 2nd Ot if the Digitakt can’t act as a looper.
Rc 202 is smaller, 2 stereo tracks.


You don’t have a soundcard ?
To keep quality, you have to record in Ot.
Otherwise you have DA AD conversions.


We still goin for 10,000? :loopy:


when is this songmode update coming?


You can record a loop, set it to loop and make a loop of 16 beats.

The for the next track (to mix in)
You keep that track empty

Now you can hear the loop; and mix in the new track like the kp3 does


With a looper you don’t have to edit anything after recording. :wink:
On my wishlist for Digitakt : looper ability, as the Octatrack.


And When preparing your set
You can create full songs
And then create one pattern with the loop

You dont need to loop live!
You can prepare
And have an audio loop for every song in one pattern

This will make it possible to mix from any tune to any tune…


Has anyone had a go with using Digitakt to sequence VST plug-ins (via MIDI over USB) ?

I’m wondering how it would fair with NI Monark, TAL 101, and TAL U NO LX with my Apogee Duet 2 (headphone out 3/4 sent back to DT for sampling the result. These plug-ins are all represented in one way or another in Roland’s Boutique line, and I’m trying hard to curb my appetite for them.

Fortunately my Qu Pac has track delay, so back syncing hardware like the DT with DAW plug-in output latency is a breeze.
But how is the sequencing experience with plug-ins, if anyone has gone down that route yet?


I was sequencing ABL3 with Digitakt via MIDI over USB the other day. Works great, apart from the fact that when you turn several encoders sending out MIDI CC simultaneously they seem to stop sending MIDI CC messages until unit is restarted (This is a known bug, if i’m not mistaken). Tamed my GAS successfully :slight_smile:


This is sounding good.
Been playing Nave, Monark and other plug-ins with my AK in EXT mode.
No sequencing, but it’s a joy to control those sounds with tactile hardware.
Excited more than ever about Digitakt.


I had an Octatrack for months and complained to everyone about the screen quality until I found threads talking about how hard it was to get the screen protector off and i was like… ‘screen protector??’

It was a world of difference when I finally removed it (which btw was WAY harder than you would ever imagine)

The protector was like, frosted almost, its terrible.

Digitakt is probably similar…?


Ha, that happened to me too. Had my OT since 2012, and only realised it had a screen protector on it this year. :laughing:


I hope you don’t keep your condoms that long ! :smile: