Introducing Digitakt


I take the screen protector off before turning it on.


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Head’s up USA peeps… Looks like Vintage King audio has them back in stock. This is who I got mine from and they are nothing but a pleasure to deal with!


Okay it starts :heart_eyes::sunglasses:


Is this:

Possible with digitakt and octatrack instead of analog 4?
Sorry if this was covered, this thread is insanely long!


I have a noobie question with MIDI. I am using a synth module (Roland Boutique) with a midi keyboard (Keystep). How do I route the MIDI between those two and the DT to enter chords into the DT’s step sequencer in a MIDI track? Nothing I tried has worked.


This has probably been up before, but can you trigger slices via midi? Ie, can you hook up a padcontroller to the digitakt and play/record sample slices MPC-style?


You have to setup DT auto Midi channel to e.g. 15
And keystep to the same value.

Then your DT channel must be set to e.g. 3 and your Boutique the same.

Everything must be set to receive MIDI e.g. on midi cable


Also, can you play slices from a sample with the digitakts own buttons? Like, could I capture a loop, set slice Points and then use the digitakts buttons to play slices, and record this playing into digitakts sequencer?


Thanks. Also, how do the cables go? Only the DT has MIDI Thru. Do I go keyboard (out) to DT (thru) to synth module (in)?


You just need to plug MIDI Out from the Keystep, into the MIDI in on the DT. Keystep should be set to use the MIDI channel of the Digitakt’s “Auto channel”, which is 14 by default. Then plug MIDI OUT DT into MIDI In of the Boutique. Set the Boutique and the MIDI track on the DT to use the same MIDI channel.


Oh okay that worked. Thanks.




I have a DT on loan from a friend for the weekend.

The immediacy of sampling is appreciated.
Not wanting to fuss around with sample import via USB, I just queued up some OP-1 drum kits in Live (tt-606, Rytm, etc.) and played them into the recording inputs. So quick, so easy.

The per track overdrive is a solid compression alternative.

Having granular capabilities again is fun! I turned the factory BD into an acid bassline in under a minute. This really makes this thing a capable all-in-one groove box, as good as Rytm in this regard.

I was curious how sample chains would fair in the DT.
Surprisingly, that waveform graphic lends itself more to single shots or very short chains (<10 sample hits), as the waveform zoom only exists in the sampling window. But, always wanting to get the most out of that 64MB of ram in single project, I’ll mess around with making my own sample streams out of carefully chosen sample hits, of the same instrument instead of whole drum kits (i.e. 10 different open hats, 10 different kicks).

The 2 rows of step buttons makes chromatic mode so much more logical in the physical sense (than all the other Elektrons), which makes me very hopeful for a DT sized reimagined MM or digital synth from Elektron of some sort.

Next up is experimenting with the workflow of sampling my Monologue and Analog Keys hooks into DT, to see if Rytm+DT would make a good combo for remixing my studio tracks (which consist of Rytm+AK+Monologue) in a traveling, live setting.
I’ll test the summed mono (+ DT FX) versions of these recorded hooks against DAW edited dual .wav (L and R rendered independently) stereo imports with the Transfer app, using two tracks on the DT for stereo playback.
I need to determine if the more complex workflow to retain stereo information is worth losing the quick mangling of a sample on one track, and if the DT stereo FX + pan parameter trigless locks are enough to open up these mono recordings of synths.

Then next weekend, I’ll see what the MIDI tracks are all about.


I just placed another preorder for the DT. This is my third time lol.


I know Elektron has been and is still on vacation (July and August), but for a new product to go missing like this is odd to me. Did they REV one of the boards, or move manufacturing, or have a problem, or …? I guess there’s no use speculating (i did more than enough of that in the previous sentence – unless someone really knows), but darn it, i want to order my second Digitakt. :angry:


how about utilizing the ctl al function for editing stereo sample params? Could one use it like that?


Sure, if you p-lock those parameters on all other tracks’ trigs, then the others aren’t effected.

In the end I decided mono is fine on the DT, thanks to Pan LFO or Pan trigless trigs, and the stereo FX.

Even with the limitations, DT is awfully special.


had someone tried to sample “live” vocals on DT?
Can it supplant a KP3?


I just placed another pre-order for the Digitakt. This is my second time (laughing out loud).

Long-winded, arbitrary justifications that I should probably keep to myself: I have a sampler in the Roland/BOSS SP-303 which is really fun in an old-school rugged and raw way, but I still don’t have an external MIDI sequencer. I was strongly considering the Korg Monologue which is indeed cool (especially for the money)… but I don’t actually need one. I can already do microtunings etc. on the Nord Modular, plus the sequencer on the Digitakt is more powerful than the Monologue. I also have an aversion to mini keyboards. The SE-02 is kind of cool in a Roland/Moog hybrid sort of way, but I don’t need one. I just can’t see myself getting the Roland boutique stuff because again, I already have a Nord Modular. Basically, every time I think I need or want a synth, I’m reminded that I already have a Nord Modular. It’s just that good. But I’ll see how I feel once the Digitakt arrives. I know I’m going to want to sequence more than just what I already have. But one step at a time.