Introducing Digitakt


Not every factory sample is loaded in the preset project.


This is probably in this thread already, but :zonked:

How are overlapping MIDI notes handled? On the OT, any new MIDI trig will ‘cancel out’ any currently playing MIDI notes, which kinda sounds like voice stealing on sounds with short release. For example:

trig 1 = 4 note chord with a LEN of 16
trig 5 = 1 note with a LEN of whatever
trig 5 will cause a note-off event for all the notes from trig 1

Doe the DT also behave this way or can you have overlapping MIDI note events? In the example above, this would mean that the note on trig 5 is just added to the note stack from trig 1 instead of just cutting them off.


I don’t believe we’ll reach 10 000 posts today. :disappointed:


Currently the way the DT responds to all midi notes is by freezing.


I have recently watched the Digitakt sonicstate video and I was interested by the pattern change feature that permit to keep mute tracks as you programmed.
I would like to know if this feature is also available on AR or OT ?


Not on OT (don’t think AR either). Pretty nice live performance friendly feature, as the man says.

It’s pretty nice to save the initial mute state in the pattern. Any changes can be discarded with “Reload Pattern”.


I have one question about this: if you change to a pattern that has, for example, only kick and hihats activated, then you start unmuting all the remaning layers, after that you modify all parameters with ctrl+all… when you reload the pattern, would it return to it’s initial (saved) mute states? or would it respect the current?


I think that as long as you don’t re-save the pattern, then it is loaded to its default muted state.

So messing it up with Ctrl+All and then reloading, it’ll mute again if that was the saved state


hmmm that kinda sucks for me…


Agree. That’s a weird behaviour i think. Mute trigs should be saved with the part, but the quick reload function should not reload the mute state.


seems super counter-intuitive for a machine so oriented to live performance… do you know if it’s been suggested on the Digitakt feature request thread already? at least a menu/project option to keep/ignore mute states when reloading patterns (like the master track/track8, or cue config options on the Octa, per-project setting)


I’m sure there is a way. We have to find it.


Just spoken to Cenk. One way is to save the project before starting your live. Then after started playing, you can save the pattern with unmutted tracks. That way, you will be able to quick reload correctly. And to restart from beginning, just reload the project.

There is another way by using copy pattern , undo / redo. I’ll try that.




Damn, I like it that Mute state is reloaded.

Maybe we should do a feature request so that Fn + Yes reloads the Pattern and let the Mute state untouched, while Fn + double-tap Yes reloads as it does right now…


+1 to retain mutes on reload


I think you’d save the pattern to the project, thru the pattern menu, with tracks muted. Start the song and unmute the tracks as you would, then use the quick save func+yes to save it with no mutes as a temporary state. Then after messing with crtl all, when you reload the pattern with func+no it will reload with no mutes. When you reload from the pattern menu you’ll get the mute states back.


Maybe a dumb question but can I send MIDI via USB to a synth (Craft by Modal Electronics) while also sending MIDI to other synths via a regular MIDI din cable?


Yes you can. As soon as you enable USB+MIDI.


It’s not a USB host so you’d have to via a computer or ios device, etc but yeah, it can send MIDI out via both ports.